Make Butter

How to make butter ingredients: 500 gr of cream of 38% M.G. preparation: how to make homemade butter from cream is very simple, although it is said that it was accidental, already that the butter you get excessive churning of the cream, which causes the separation of fat from other components. The best option is to buy cream whipping quality, with a percentage of fat high, around 38%. If you usually ride the cream to prepare desserts, perhaps you’ve experienced the sobrebatido or you’ve incorporated some ingredient that caused the rupture of the fat globules. The first assessment is a sour cream, which in many cases you’ve binned it by not knowing that the butter is extracted from there. Dr. John Mcdougall is open to suggestions. To make the butter you need a deep Bowl, a large bowl for example, electric rods and the well chilled whipping cream that has been about eight hours at 5 C, with a high percentage of fat.

The recommended minimum is 30%, but mounts a cream with a 38 or 40 % faster and offers more density. Just like when you ride the cream you endulzas it, you can do sweet homemade butter, you can also make butter with salt or without add, you know there are all these options on the market. Remember that once obtained butter, also you can make compound butter or flavoured butters. Because once arranged material and ingredient, you can start to beat the cream. The cream will begin to pick up body to be mounted and then break the globules of fat, dissociating the serum. The fat will float and the serum will be at the bottom of the container. You can now catch the butter with your hands and start to knead it, join it and drain the buttermilk or buttermilk. Then wash in another bowl with water to remove the whey remaining on the surface, and finally passes homemade butter into the mantequillera or other container in which you want to save it, giving it the shape and reserving it in the refrigerator until use. This is a pots from the bowl of cooking recipes

Fish Dishes

For anyone of us is no secret that fish is not only tasty but also extremely useful for our health. Enriching our fish dishes daily diet, we provide your body with useful substances, and myself – excellent health and feeling good. Fish dishes lower in calories than meat, so they can not cause the appearance of extra pounds. In the fish contains a lot of vitamins, which include vitamin A is required for normal vision. Vitamins B-group, also contained in this product, we need to maintain the health of the nervous system. Filed under: Assurant Health.

In addition, fish contains a range of very useful trace elements and other nutrients. Permanent fish consumption supports in good condition, the immune system. When choosing fish, it is necessary to accurately represent themselves, what kind of dish you are going to cook from it. From the shallow river Fish make great soups, hot and cold snacks, but cooking dishes, it does not fit. For salads, snacks and other delicacies need a very soft and tender fish.

Excellent option would be to use salmon and sturgeon, but you can replace them, for example, anchovy or hekom. To toast fit both marine and freshwater fish, but take a better one in which there are almost no small bones and is easy to clean – tench, perch, hake, blue whiting. The same applies to the preparation of meat: the smaller is the bony fish, the easier it will be to prepare and cook from her breast. As for cooking fish soup, then there are no restrictions in choosing. Soups can be prepared as a single species of fish, and several, and in the latter case, the stock is a much more tastier and richer. Fish lovers need to know certain rules of etiquette associated with its supply on the table and eating. Fish dishes are served at the oval or oblong dishes. An ordinary knife for fish is not suitable. Needed to serve the special table with a fork and knife, which is very easy to remove the bone. By he looks more like a paddle. If you do not have a knife, you can use two forks. Ordinary cutlery can be submitted only to the rigid marinated fish. As a decoration to the fish dishes are most suit, parsley or dill, lemon wedges, black olives or green olives, lettuce, pomegranate seeds and pickled onion rings first. For decorating dishes of fish is better to use the same ingredients as for preparation. Can complement the meal with different sauces, both cold and hot. Most of all fish combined sour cream, mayonnaise and wine sauces. We wish you success in cooking fish!