Hair Colouring Hairdresser

Potential clients are counting on the professionalism of the hairdresser at home, which should properly organize a preliminary communication to the call took place. The principle of hair coloring is based on the structure of hair. Natural hair color is made up of a combination of two types of pigment: – granular (grainy), naturally brown – scattered, golden-copper (hard lightening) in appearance of natural hair specialist can determine the presence of scattered golden pigment, and depending on the wishes of the client to determine the technology of dyeing. Often faced with hairdresser hair color that did not produced, they look white because of air bubbles inside. These hairs are found in albinos, when the pigment is not produced at all or is no longer being produced because of stress, age or genetic predisposition – the so-called gray hair. The more pigment granules in the hair – the darker and denser the color of hair. It is also a hairdresser can easily determine what kind of gray hair are very few scattered golden pigment. That hair color is a clue that he was well lightened up are not very bright yellow shades. o Moti Sonnenfeld offer similar insights.

Holders of golden hair, the sun refluent ryzhinoy or just red hair, could become a powerful nut to crack for the hairdresser, because such hair bleaching will be in yellow color, which is very poorly removed from the hair. It is often faced with the desire to hairdressers abrupt change of image from a client in the burning brunette bright or cool blond. The situation is compounded if the hot brunette – not natural, and is colored and becomes a real challenge for the expert and the state of hair after all the necessary manipulations. Often, a hairdresser, credible for such clients (amateurs and often drastically change the image) in a relatively short period of time is the creator of amazing reincarnation. Compliance Technologies staining professional intuition, impeccable taste and well-thought-out program for hair lovers experiments are the key to long-term and fruitful cooperation between a hairdresser and a client.

Longevity Life

Let's start with the first step – your decision to live a long time (or forever). You took a firm solution, despite the collective consciousness, despite the opinions of your friends and others. You have chosen to live long, happy and still be healthy and wealthy person. Kicked out of my head the images of frail elderly people and of their lexicon removed the word "aging". What do you do then? That's right. Look for ways to do this.

How to renew myself zhizn.Ne will consider rejuvenating external procedures – this is not the prolongation of life. It is simply pointing gloss on his appearance. Inside you're still those who est.Fizicheskie load and different forms of power (solntseedenie, raw food, etc.) simply supports the body. Prolong life by 10-15 let.Nanotehnologii is closer are to progress. But while the Higher Powers do not want to give everyone the opportunity (you can guess why). Scientists share information bit by bit.

So the science is advancing, but very, very close medlenno.Pochti to the issue of prolongation of life came genetics. Changing a person's DNA – it is precisely the way in which you want to go. There was talk about extending life up to 120-150 years. And when scientists do it – is unknown. But if you want more, then we must change. Change yourself. Their thoughts, their actions put in order. I repeat: Longevity and immortality – it is reality. Only a person need to understand why he needs it? Why is it allowed? And why is he? It is unlikely that the traditional "plant a tree, build a house and raise a son" – this is the meaning and purpose of your long life.