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Asturias: Asturias In Home Care began in 1993 with the creation of a Mobile classroom staffed by a teacher under the Ministry of Education and Culture. Learning Support Program Household (PAED) was maintained in 1997 with the agreement signed between the MEC and the voluntary Red Cross Youth. The signing of this agreement was made considering the difficulties of caring for all principality and intend to keep it until the Ministry of Education does not have the means and resources required to meet with education professionals. The next step came in 2001 with the creation of the Learning Support Programme hospital and home (PAEHD), which consists of two professors of students of that area also continues to act the PAED, through agreement with the Red Cross Youth , which serves the students of Nursery and Primary Education. The intervention with the students, which will take place at home, will begin in the time that the family requested home care, for which provide a medical report justifying the nursing home for a period of student never less than 30 days. This issue is completed a process of assessment to determine the criteria to be followed when proceeding with the selection of students must attend. This process will be as fast as possible, in order to minimize as much as possible the delay between the time when information is received the application and intervention. The assessment criteria will include: – Time of convalescence, from those who will be a year or more to which only a month. .