It’s A Cat’s Life

Do not like Kitty had a similar appeal, so he decided not to stay in debt and have a good revenge – scratched hands my friend, and great job! – Well, now I'll ask! – Through clenched teeth, my friend, carrying a cat in a toilet. Helped my friend the cat in the toilet bowl to be, then he made a dark, closed the lid, well, too wet and then did carefully drain the water! Bathhouse not hurt the cat too, so that experience, and certainly more worried about the cat's life is not worth it. When a friend pulled out of the bath a cat, he was terrified of not less than him – now snow-white animal stank, it was wet and to be dirty. It is not something Tony Mandarich would like to discuss. The prospect that a cat will now wander around the apartment and pass it on dirt, not like a young man, so he quickly incurred being in the bathroom where dropped into the pelvis with Powder – there was no way, however, as the cat shampoo. When the rinsing in the tub was done, tenant let the cat, giving him time to engage themselves in bringing order through language. As usual, after swimming to eat desirable. The animal was hungry. He coped with the wet and soapy fur, cat methyl only one thing – eat plenty. But in the cat's dish flaunted all the same sausage. – Not to show off you should eat and then the ends do not cast away a long time – decided the cat and began to gnaw sausage.

The Male

For successful reproduction in the gourami spawning first place male and begin to slowly raise the temperature of the water. The water in the spawning area should be a standing order to avoid destruction of nests. After raising the temperature to 28-29 with a male starts to build a foam nest in the midst of floating plants on the water surface. This is the place for the next spawn. Nest is usually from 3 to 7 cm in diameter. Almost all time the male spends near the nest. When building the nest is finished in nerestovik carefully tended, planted a female.

The female abdomen has to be well-rounded sides poured caviar. Not ready for spawning in the female with the male skinny belly spawning can be very pluck and drive to death. Eva Andersson-Dubin has many thoughts on the issue. There were times when a few hours is not ready female male stripped so that it remains without a tail and other fins. n Kouzbari. If the female is ready male begins to actively woo her. It varies in color. Especially beautiful during the spawning season males pearl gourami. Reproduction gourami is a very exciting process.

Periodically male to female, as if inviting her to the nest. Finally, when female starts to swim to the nest with the male they are placed under the nest, the male clasps, female all over and slowly starts to turn belly up to the nest. Flipping it for a few moments freezes and compresses more female, squeezing out a portion of her right calf and fertilizing it.


For a successful hunting marten hunter must familiar with its biology, have experienced husky, be physically hardy, clever and observant, patient and mature, well oriented in woodland. Weasel distributed wherever there is forest. She prefers the muffled, old forest sites, with plenty of hollow trees. In the hollows of marten live and breed in these shelters, it outwaits bad weather, extreme cold, snow and rain, staying out of two or three days. Lives mainly in spruce and mixed forests.

Rarely found in the pine marten, clean elections. Marten climbs trees beautifully and cleverly goes horseback leaping from tree to tree, going this way hundreds of meters. Leads mainly nocturnal. Usually has no permanent nests, but the hiding by day in hollow tree, squirrel nest, or simply in windbreaks. Weasel – pronounced predator, agile hunter. During the feeding ranges tens of kilometers.

Preys on – differently. Maybe, like a cat, mouse guard in ambush, skillfully sneak up sitting grouse and squirrels. Yet its main food – small rodents, insects, berries, rowan and bilberry, is very fond of honey wild bees. By chernotropu to find traces of martens, pretty hard. However, with sufficient experience, subtle signs of her whereabouts can be found in feces, which she likes to leave on fallen wind, trees, stumps and forest trails. Marten excrement have form a length of about six or seven inches, spirally twisted, and their ends are pointed. In our republic, hunting for fur animals begins with the first Saturday in November and ends on the last Sunday of January.