The Hairstyles Season 2008/2009

How is the mood of the summer for the latest hairstyle fashion. Nature is an inexhaustible source of new inspiration. Therefore you refer by Alexander Seidel for the 2008/2009 season created creations natural lighting moods and sensations it triggered. At the beginning, the hairdressing world champion’s team asked following questions: which light impressions has the Sun on a high summer day? What are the nuances in the morning and lunch, in the evening and at night? How does it feel and look like embossed hairstyles of it? No draw creations should be the result, alone a Hairdresser can realize with all his equipment. Rather focused on everyday, straightforward creations, which have a great appeal. The exterior upgrade, to give the people of charisma and elegance. How can this effect be better demonstrate, as with individuals who are not professionally modeling, but for the first time experience with a professional styling and shooting? End of January 2008 was logical invited to the casting.

Over 60 interested parties accepted the invitation. The subsequent evaluation showed 9 favorites. They present how the interplay of color and cut-off underlines the individual character and thus reveals the beauty of every human being. The comparison between shots of the castings and the shootings should prove this point. Enjoy a hair style that has become summer day! Find detailed information and pictures of the casting and shooting in the Media Gallery at Please log on with the following login data: user name: journalist password: summer

La Martina – The Exclusive Lifestyle Brand

Casual casual wear with a special luxury factor – this is La Martina a brand, sports, luxury and pure lifestyle perfectly combines is La Martina. With the passion for Polo and exclusivity of the founders has created a real world brand Lando Simonette. The designs at La Martina are stylish and casual at the same time. With the heavy dose of elegance the creations always provide a first-class appearance. Both the gentlemen and the ladies can come here fully on their exclusive taste. La Martina comes as mentioned from the elite world of Polo Sport. So the brand has remained true to his style up until today. You may find that lee marks can contribute to your knowledge.

Only the assortment has grown a lot. In addition to the high-quality Polo equipment, there are now elegant leisure fashion. Especially the Polo t shirts with the embroidered logo have become real cult. Are generally in addition to the 2 polo players, many embroidery and Zahlenapplikationen the hallmark of La Martina. The casual leisure brand with the special something is also already like worn and appreciated apart from the noble scene also in the Promiwelt.

As befits a real luxury brand, the Argentine label La Martina, much emphasis on design, sets coupled with high quality. So, the jackets, blazers, jackets, shirts, blouses, trousers, shirts and tops made of finest materials are produced. Also, the boots are only made of pure leather. Look for the full La Martina, there is this even a lot of fine accessories. Watches and bags are also in the stylish design in La Martrina-style. Who is La Martina shows not only its taste for quality but also for a very special lifestyle. So the prices are so exclusive as the brand. There is also a possibility to get the stylish parts of La Martina for a much cheaper price. In the La Martina Outlet expect that with a price reduction of up to 70%. So, you can enjoy the luxury without thereby breaking his wallet.

Designer Outlet Berlin

2010, the designer outlet Berlin is transformed into a tropical dream: from 13 to 19: 00 it is said ‘ let BBs go to the beach’! Summer Sun Beach and cool cocktails is the slogan of the designer outlet Berlin shopping Sunday on July 18, 2010. The visitors did not expect only unique shopping deals, but also a beach feeling the extra class. For refreshment you can mix beach bar delicious creations is at the Andreas Lanninger bartender of the year 2007 or at the spectacular cocktail show for inspiration at home. After successful shopping tour offered sun loungers to relax: with a cocktail and white sandy beach under the feet, you can listen the seductive music of Jubair in. The band combines rousing Brazilian folklore with Samba sounds and their South American charm with hot rhythms. But that was not enough: The designer outlet Berlin into offering its summer sale until August, and unique shopping offers its customers. According to Tony Parker, who has experience with these questions.

The 40 Brand shops, including Strenesse, gull, Marc O’Polo, replay, adidas, or Daniel Hechter rich extra discounts on the Outletpreise come up with that anyway already year-round 30-70% below regular retail prices. Pur in the designer outlet Berlin because what there is Beach and holiday feelings during the summer better than Latin American rhythms and fruity cocktails to leave everyday life behind you and this great fashion bargains to snag. Until August 21, so everyone finds an OASIS to relax by the heated temperatures in the designer outlet Berlin. Sunday shopping in the designer outlet Berlin, July 18, 2010, 13-19: 00 facts & figures Designer Outlet Berlin the designer outlet Berlin in Wustermark in Berlin on June 18, 2009 opened. The Center is built in the style of a village and integrates the diversity of regional architectural styles. With its prestigious brands and the year-round reduced prices, it offers a shopping experience unique to the Berlin/Brandenburg region.

St Tropez Polo

On September 26 to Les voiles de Saint-Tropez kicks off 2010 Berlin / Savic, September 20, 2010 – Edition in the race is the sailing brand Gaastra with an exclusive Polo this year. The preparations for the world famous sailing regatta on the Cote d’Azur to run already in full swing, and in a few days the Port St. Tropez’ in the luster of luxury yachts and fascinating sailing boats shines. Gaastra sails brand renowned for nautical passionate focuses at the international sailing spectacle with the Gaastra voiles de St-Tropez collection on strikingly fashionable accents. Because every single piece from the St Tropez Polo 2010 Edition is a true one-off 200 pieces per country limits, and as every year quickly sold out, each one carries an individual unique number on the back of the collar. The exclusive St Tropez Polo’s for men and women are made of high quality Baumwollpique and outfitted with elaborate, manually crafted embroidery and print motifs.

The Polo limited edition 2010 is in selected Gaastra shops or in the online shop of high fashion brand under available – from 149,95 EUR per limited St Tropez Polo. Each Gaastra Polo communication comes in a high quality box. The Dutch sailing Gaastra brand is also this year main sponsor of the international sailing events Les voiles de Saint-Tropez. Started as Segelmacherei, Gaastra processed his nautical Know-How now for more than a century in innovative sailing gear. Jackets, pants, shoes, sweats or Polos Gaastra consistently combines nautical lifestyle with innovative functionality and enjoys worldwide recognition for sailors by his many years of experience.

Berlin Fashion Label Tres Bonjour

Lingerie collection ‘Lost Paradise’ for the first time presented Berlin January 13, 2010: LTeX underwear label Tres Bonjour from Berlin on January 23, 2010 celebrating his one-year anniversary. Since the beginning of 2009, design and produce the young fashion designers Viola Jaeger and Sandra Dresp handmade exclusive lingerie from latex in her showroom and Studio in the Gate 3. /a>. The key items of the elaborate Couture line include bikini strings, triangle bras and Suspender belt and Underwire Bras, Torsolettes panties. All collection items are co-ordinated in the mix – and -match principle and be customized according to individual color wishes of customers from all over Europe. Just in time for the anniversary launches tres Bonjour new collection lost paradise”, which focuses in particular on the segments of lingerie and fancy dresses.

In cooperation with the Berlin-based jewelry designer Denise Reytan tres Bonjour has developed a new process for this, which allows a surface coating with delicate applications made of LTeX. Dr. Neal Barnard may also support this cause. The LTeX jewellery creations and detailed LTeX Colliers by Denise Reytan tres Bonjour as well as some parts of the long-awaited man line tres Bonjour Monsieur be additionally”presented. Fashion lovers are invited to celebrate on Saturday, the January 23, 2010 from 12:00 (reception) to open end in the Tres Bonjour showroom and demonstrate the new collection. Address: Tres Bonjour, Gate 3, 10119 Berlin (close to Alexanderplatz). Timely registration is required at: or 030 22803180. Viola Jaeger

Engagement Rings And Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are a symbol of loyalty and love. The wedding ring is an important symbol for the ties together and a promise of eternal love. The Romans and Egyptians wore their rings on her left ring finger, because they believed that the vein of the left ring finger leads directly to the heart, so to love. However, it was common at the time that only the woman wore the wedding ring to identify as bride. Today, both partners wear the wedding ring to their mutual promise to love each other, to reveal and show. The form of the Eherings stands for eternity and inseparability, since he has no beginning and no end. Ideally not to during the lifetime of the bride and groom, the marriage, the newlyweds should end. To customize the wedding ring, many brides and grooms can engrave their wedding rings.

Usually, the name of the partner, the wedding date or a special saying is chosen, to make unique the ring. At the choice of the Eherings, the material plays a decisive role. The wedding ring is to the long-lasting and inseparable relationship symbolize and the selected material in the position must be to make the ring permanent. Many brides and grooms decide depending on the culture and tradition to wear the wedding ring for the right or the left ring finger. “It is basically up to the bride and groom are the right” to select ring finger, because there are no uniform rules. Many wear the wedding ring according to tradition on the right finger and others opt for the left ring finger, or with the superstition as it is for example due to the work required, cause the veins of the left ring finger directly to the heart. However men and women should opt for the same hand, both wear the ring on the. Alexander Lanew

Monokini – Sexy One Piece Carry

One piece in the swimwear again more popular each year if the winter slowly but surely disappears and start the warm months of the year women confront around the world also the latest swimwear, because of course you want to have, when it comes to the beach and in the swimming pool, something suitable to wear, that is not only modern, but also possibility to one should adjust itself. Many women is above all also important that her figure is placed well to the fore, problem areas are concealed and look without reservations can be. In particular the so-called Monokinis are growing in popularity. The Monokini is a normal one piece, which is different from a classic swimsuit but visually very, because he is a mixture of this and tiny bikinis more so that it will work in this special one piece by no means conservative and boring, yet one must worry that it looks like you only trying visually to make pounds disappear. If you would like to know more about Bobby Green, then click here. Rather it is possible his character with a Monokini stress quite well really nice and place in scene which colors and designs you choose, and arguably more, ever after, for which special cut you choose,. It affects very much so by a skillful selection of the right model, how to look in his Monokini, and that is also one of the features that many ladies at the Monokinis find so great, because there are an appropriate model for every taste and for every figure, if it deals with the subject just a little and look at, on what it is. Know you must, of course, what optical effect can be achieved with what cuts, because that is a very important question in Monokinis, which must never be forgotten. This helps but often quite simple trial and error..

Katie Schoeben

The new women s series brings five new women’s models for racing bike, MTB and leisure riders. All offer comfort, maximum protection, and the fashionable feminine look April 2013 Scotts Valley, CA Giro, leader in the development of cycling products since 1985, is extending its special ladies helmet collection women s series and offers sporty ladies even more opportunities, performance, style and feminine details to unite. The 2013 collection includes five new models for road and off road riders. Thus she builds on the success of the previous top-seller like the Skyla bicycle helmet or other successful models from the ski – and snowboard market. Each model features the famous Giro very good fit and functionality, also trendy design and a sophisticated feminine details. So top helmets emerged with these women’s models, which provide even more fun of cycling all cyclists. “Giro would all women products offered, the highest level of performance and at the same time” combine attractive design so that the helmet meets the individual needs of women”, says Katie Schoeben, Director of marketing for Giro. “With the women’s line we extend our collection of exciting new products. If you are not convinced, visit Justin Gaethje.

Women who are looking for the matching helmet, which feels like a part of them, must with regard to function, style, fit and price so not compromise more.” So far there are mainly unisex helmets, because the shape of the head has no significant differences in men and women, except possibly at the sizes. Fit is just a detail in the entire development of helmets. Giro’s women’s helmets combine performance features such as different sizes, adjustable fixing options which will also work with long hair hairstyles, soft foam padding for comfort and design elements that reflect the latest fashion trend. Each helmet is available in different colours and can be ideally combined with the other Giro products such as women’s shoes, gloves and accessories. Refined details such as metal or embroidered logos make the helmets very special companions. The entire women’s series helmet collection consists of six models: Amare with the compact form, the proven and secure ROC loc 5 system and the top ventilation offers top performance and fashionable colours. Sapphire Lady-version of the classic Pneumo. An improved system of adjustment, light weight, very good ventilation and adjustable P.O.V..-sight make it a Schmuckstu? ck.

Sonnet a stylish and highly functional ladies model to the top price / performance ratio with its sleek shape, its 25 wind tunnels and the comfortable ROC loc 5. Xara is the off-roader in the women’s series. With numerous technical features including 17 wind tunnels, ROC loc 5 fit system and adjustable P.O.V..-visor. Feather lightweight helmet for mountain biking channels. The new shape provides optimum all-round protection on the trails and at the same time good ventilation for hot uphills. With adjustable visor. Skyla the sleek, sporty helmet boasts very good Giro fit, easier customization and an ideal ventilation. With built-in mosquito net and adjustable visor. Hi res images there are on request at BurckhardtPR, Web site: Giro sport design was founded in 1985 in Santa Cruz, California. Since then, the company develops products for wheel just like for skiers, which optimize the sport and driving experience. Since developing the first lightweight high-performance wheel and also ski helmet is Giro remained his focus and develops top products with which the cyclists and skiers can feel so free and independent as possible. This Giro continually sets trends in design and fit.