How To Choose A Drill

Drill for today is one of the most common household tool. Also drill a very widely used in construction technologies and serve as an indispensable tool for professional builders, plumbers and builders of furniture. Modern drill can be very much: drilling holes in almost all materials used in the home, spinning and twisting Screws; grind through a variety of nozzles; stir building fluid and much more. Others including Dr. John Mcdougall, offer their opinions as well. Today, manufacturers of power tools offer a variety of models of drills, and often raises the question, but what is the brand to choose? Purpose my articles – to help you understand the different types of drills and give some practical advice on their choice. Types of drills depending on the technical execution, as well as the appointment of drills are divided into the following types: conventional drills; drills with a bang (hammer drills). See PCRM for more details and insights.

Depending on the purpose drills are divided into: angles, a drill with a mixer function, a drill with a screwdriver function. Depending on power drills are divided into: Network drills; Cordless Screwdrivers. Each of the above types of drills has its own characteristics. Briefly discuss each of them. Conventional Drills Under this type of drills meant to be used for drilling holes due to rotational motions. (Fig. 1) (Fig. 1) Impact Drills (Drills, drills) A feature of this type is that in addition to rotational motions of the drill by moving "back and forth." This approach is necessary in order to ensure drilling extra strong materials such as brick or concrete.

Inserting And Strengthening Glass

Sheet, patterned, frosted and wired glass in the absence of specific instructions in the project should be strengthened: in wooden bindings – studs or bead; studs put at a distance not exceeding 300 mm apart, glazing beads, pre prooliflennye, install the rubber gasket or a layer of putty and reinforce with screws or nails at an angle of 45 to the glass surface (Fig. 1, 2) in the metal-bound – wedge clamps klyammerami of galvanized steel, metal studs with screws, rubber profiles, in reinforced bindings – V-clamps or klyammerami, metal bead on rubber or plastic strips, in plastic-bound – on a double or a flexible putty pads followed by fixation with screws or studs. Applying putty for glazing should be remembered that the neprooliflennoy wood putty adheres poorly and quickly falls off. Studs have a 300-400 mm from one another. After applying the putty studs and the bottom side seam should not be visible. Insert the glass on a single putty has the disadvantage that between glass and the rebate, the formation of gaps, which will numb the water, accelerating the decay of the lower bar binding.

With a double bottom side seam putty smeared 3-4-mm layer of putty, put on his glass and pressed against the seam so that squeezed the excess putty. Perpetuate the glass as well as in the single-putty. Air and water in the double glazing putty does not penetrate the folds. When fixing the glass with glazing bead glazing beads not only keep the glass, and fill the seam, thereby replacing the putty. Bottom Seam smear layer bed of putty, put on her glass and attach bead.

Outside the verge adjacent to the outer edge rebate, not to speak beyond them toward the light opening and form a depression; glazing beads must be well connected among themselves and with fold binding, glazing beads on rubber pads should fit snugly fold surface, glass and gaskets, gaskets must not protrude from the face of the bead facing the light of the opening. In the absence of special cements plant preparations they can be prepared and alone (Table). If desired, caulk can be colored by adding a gustotertye oxide or red lead. Other leaders such as Eva Andersson-Dubin offer similar insights. Approximate number of consumables when the glass works, using single and double putty, glazing beads and gaskets, was determined on the basis of the data in Table. 1-3. table 1. Number of materials, kg is needed for 10 kg putty Putty Material chalk bleach lead Surikov train Surikov varnish

Land Boundaries

Of course, we must first look in your documents – namely, a scheme of land boundaries. Most likely, the origin (these are numbers that determine the location of points of the rotation angles of the boundaries allotted to you on the site planet earth) you will not find it, because they are a state secret, but the so-called 'geo Callout' examine carefully. It shows the measure of lines or the distance between these points the angles of rotation. Draw on paper a scheme site, write accurately measure lines on this scheme, armed with a steel tape measure and head out on your site. If you have mastered the plot from scratch, find the pegs or metal pins that You once showed surveyors or land surveyors. If your site is many years old surrounded by a fence, you decide to change, identify its turns and corners with the scheme. Take control measurements. If you find all the pegs, or if the angles of an old fence clearly readable, ie, determined by visual in nature in the field with an accuracy not worse than 20 cm, and if your measurement differences do not differ from those contained in 'Callout geodata' more than 20 cm, you can safely call the neighbors and dedicate them to your building plans. At the same time and get acquainted, if not familiar. Most likely, the results of your survey to be less productive, and you find that some of the pegs had disappeared, and tumbled down an old fence did not conclusively determine where he was, this corner of the fence.

Smart Choice

Among the great variety of building materials on the market, it is difficult to find the same warm, durable and quality, as usual our tree. And indeed, the wooden building and today does not hand over their positions, allowing you to create not only cost-effective construction, but also to build luxury homes made of logs of larch. Houses made of logs of larch – a solution that combines excellent quality This precious wood with ancient traditions of building. Of course, many discouraged rather high price of material, but it pays off not only the strength and durability, but also a noticeable savings in other expenditures. Frequently McDougall Program has said that publicly. So, the house made of logs of larch does not require a finish, no external or internal.

Natural resins contained in this form of wood, protect it from pests, decay and other organic lesions. Connect with other leaders such as endocrinologist here. A rain and high humidity is not only destroying homes made of logs of larch, but instead makes them even stronger. As for interior decoration, it is unlikely that any artificial surface will match the beauty of natural wood. Especially that larch has twelve natural shades, from light to dark, so choose the right color scheme is not difficult. As an alternative to this material can be offered chopped logs of larch that is processed manually. However, the house made of logs of larch will compare favorably perfectly smooth surfaces, exactly matching diameter logs and carefully drawn shapes.

At the construction site of the house made of logs of larch supplied already fully trained and numbered for further assembly. Detailed scheme usually attached, so for the construction of a house made of logs of larch is quite possible to take on their own. However, if you have no experience with wooden buildings, it is better not to risk it, and entrust it to work professionals. Then you can be sure that the money invested will not be wasted, and the house will sound, cozy and warm.

Aluminum Roof

Once it so happened that most roofs under the seam roof in Russia Croutes or galvanized iron or steel plate with a polymer coating or, in some cases, a copper roof It was only recently as a roofing material has been recognized aluminum. Very lightweight and durable metal has been unfairly ignored. And it was the roof of the aluminum does not corrode, is extremely easy to install and no weights construction of buildings. Folded aluminum panels are durable. The service life of a roof – almost a hundred years, which makes aluminum in a row with such exquisite roofing materials such as copper. But the warranty from 20 to 40 years.

But for the price Aluminum is much more democratic and accessible. In addition, mounting seam roof is carried out without the holes for the screws, which ensures complete moisture resistance roof. Another way of arrangement of aluminum roof provides for the use klyammerov, which also eliminates the need for holes in the aluminum sheet and facilitates the installation process. Currently seam aluminum industry produces a different color and shades of polymer coating that allows you to choose the right shade to the general color scheme of the structure. There is even a shade of "patina", which is very similar to the copper roof turned green with age. This aluminum is increasingly frequently used by architects for the restoration of historic buildings. What else is good aluminum roofs? It is easy to clean, environmentally friendly, in the case of replacing fully utilized.

Aluminum flexible metal, but because of the folded aluminum sheets can be done any roofing configuration, including the complex architectural elements and drain plums. Very nice aluminum sheets sandwich. Furnished one roof will not only stifle rain and other sounds from the roof, but will also provide a solution to condensation on the back side of the roof. In addition to these advantages, aluminum is resistant to sunlight, a wonderful heat conductor, which allows the same way as in the the use of roofing copper additionally equipped with a roof heating to prevent freezing of snow on the roof and get rid of the need to clean it manually. This will relieve from unnecessary worries, and from possible damage roof for cleaning with a shovel and a crowbar. Thus, the equipment of aluminum roofing has many advantages: faster installation, weight, easier transport of materials to the object, eliminating the need for regular painting and update. The cost of such a roof is much lower than the roof of copper or zinc, titanium, and looks and is almost the same. There is only one drawback, as a feature of Russia, but it can be avoided. Of course, this desire different elements to pass your roof to recycle. But the roof is not Aluminium ladle, so the danger of purely hypothetical, of course, if not to equip the roof of the seam of aluminum in the country, in a remote area!