Schwabisch Hall Poll: Homeowners Are Always Energiebewusster

A modernization of the own four walls is required, but only if it pays off. The energy balance of the own four walls is becoming increasingly important for owners, builders and buyers. “As Schwabisch Hall emerges from a representative survey commissioned by the building society, only every third classified at the time of the acquisition of own residential real estate as a very important energy consumption” or extremely important “-today are already 87 percent of this opinion. Two-thirds of homeowners consider modernisation measures, which reduce the energy consumption of their real estate, necessary, about one-third, even for extremely or very important. But still concrete barriers facing practice the rapidly growing energy awareness”, commented Hall spokesman Stefan Schwabisch store the results.

So every third owner and transferee appreciates the information booth on the subject of energy savings as a rather poor. Most important subject in energy saving is still the economy: almost 90% of the Want to save money especially”respondents. Look even more closely home owners and purchasers on the subject of energy efficiency on the financial: excessively high costs are one of the biggest barriers for energy construction. While 36 percent are ready to blame probably aware of the fact that the investment through lower energy costs pay for themselves in the medium to long term for energy-saving measures, but the Group of those who generally exclude an energetic modernisation without public funding is equally strong with 35 percent. Government grants for the refurbishment are therefore demand: 73 percent of those surveyed assess a public funding as extremely or very important.

Modernisers want to spend an average 38,500 euros who wants to renovate his home and energetically to bring up to date, should accurately calculate the financing of the construction measures: future Modernizer to pay total costs by an average of 38,500 euros. Homeowners who renovated over the past 12 months who have spent around 28,000 euros. The Schwabisch Hall study shows that funds in the financing of energy-related modernisation measures play an important role: 44 percent of surveyed owners and purchaser for this purpose have resorted to savings or other sources of equity capital or intend this. 38 percent used a construction savings, 37 percent the building society loan. To improve the energetic quality of your own four walls, homeowners take different measures: for owners who have already implemented its modernization plans, enjoys the insulation of the roof, with 66 percent top priority followed by the installation of thermal insulation Windows (58 percent), as well as an energy-saving heating control (55 percent). Homeowners that have modernization still rely on solar energy: 41 percent plan to install of a solar thermal for heating domestic water and heating support, 30 percent a photovoltaic system for generating electricity. Appropriate financing asked The largest German Bausparkasse sees a large market potential in the results of the study. With the growing willingness to invest long term and in the long term in the value of the stock, and in particular in the energy balance of the own residential property goes according to of Schwabisch Hall including a rising need for appropriate funding offers accompanied by. Storage: We expect in the next two years with a market volume of around 76 billion for energy upgrades. For the financial services industry that is challenge and opportunity at the same time, because Modernizer and buyers expect now adequate and flexible financing solutions for their structural measures.”

Solare Datensysteme GmbH

New displays for photovoltaic systems in schools will be equipped with solar power more and more schools and kindergartens. But children get something? How does one explain the links them between their own behaviour and climate change, such as the functioning of new energies? A smart new product facilitates the understanding of these complex operations the children now. The Soledos GmbH has developed a startling display from Germany in Frankfurt, with which in a sense can be seen to the solar power system at work. The displays Solarfox are marketed under the brand name and represent a market novelty. The solar displays show power produced as the solar system on the roof. How much is the amount of electricity that is produced and how it has evolved in the day or month is easily recognizable in this way. In addition to the current yield, the display can visualize a building power consumption and represent in the form of a consumption graph.

This can be read, how certain behaviors affect the power consumption. The relevant information are clearly prepared and presented in the form of colorful charts and graphs. Dr. Steven Greer addresses the importance of the matter here. Children can experience this first-hand how solar electricity works. The display software also allows tracking of esco. The change of power consumption for the respective last week is specified not only in percentages, but may be indicated also by images. Children learn through the Solarfox displays, that is only a limited amount of clean energy available and their own behavior directly influences their consumption.

The display systems of Soledos GmbH are an important means to teach the children of one of the great issues of our time. Technical basis of the display system is a so-called data logger.

SorglosStrom Confused With The Santa Claus

The wish list by Dennis from Rostock to Munich, in December 2010 that the energy brand SorglosStrom offers a consumer-friendly product to save, is nothing new. It is also known that SorglosStrom also persuaded by expert product advice and transparent information. But that SorglosStrom must assume also the job of the Santa Claus, was itself the power brand until recently unknown. How SorglosStrom became the Santa Claus: an energy supplier such as SorglosStrom receives daily a lot of post of prospective customers, existing customers, and those who want to be there. However, end of November SorglosStrom has a very special letter reaches: Dennis from Rostock, Germany has sent namely his wishlist for Christmas at SorglosStrom. “Dennis wants of course toys, namely the Lego World Racers” and the hot wheels Dr bones colour lab incl. colour shifters vehicle “. That was at least on the catalogue section to see that Dennis has been in the SorglosStrom envelope.

And on the envelope, in turn, Dennis has “written: to Santa Claus from Dennis.” The wishlist was intentionally sent to SorglosStrom, or whether it is an accident, does one not find out. Fact is that SorglosStrom while first and foremost is a brand of energy, makes an exception in this case and wants to take the side job as backup Santa Claus. SorglosStrom here but faces a major problem: Dennis has left namely a sender on his letter. SorglosStrom Santa unfortunately does not know where the two Christmas gifts should be sent. Dennis, sign up! As soon SorglosStrom does not give up though! On the Internet page Christmas, the energy supplier has launched a call to find Dennis. The gifts are long concerned only Dennis from Rostock must sign up until at least Christmas with SorglosStrom SorglosStrom Santa can deliver the toys from LEGO and hot wheels at the right Dennis. More information about SorglosStrom and the wish list by Dennis Christmas through the following link:

Conflict Potential

Adelphi and the Wuppertal Institute illuminate risks and security covers of important raw materials. High-tech products often determine our lives. The necessary raw materials are however not obvious and available for the desired conditions. Rather the supply with a series of risks associated, which can affect also the achievement of ambitious climate protection and sustainability goals. Adelphi and the Wuppertal risks and potentials of conflict have worked up now comprehensively Institute relating to important raw materials.

In the face of highly cross-linked resource flows, as well as changing social, political and economic framework conditions in producer, transit and consumer countries it is not enough, if the policy in ensuring security of supply is only a national focus. Political stability in the production countries are just as important as the consideration of social and environmental standards in the removal of raw materials. Missing cross-cutting approaches existing national and international approaches to reduce of risk are so far only conditionally suitable to meet these challenges. Deficits exist especially with views of coherent measures which combine crisis prevention and supply of raw materials. The existing instruments mainly aimed to improve the supply and conflict situations for consumers. But hide, that uncertainty and crises in producers and transport countries can have negative effects for the own supply situation”, says Dr. Moira Feil, senior project manager at Adelphi.

As the research shows, decision makers need to take into account with also unintended consequences of their actions. So, related implications for the demand for raw materials and potential conflict situations should be considered in the implementation of the energy concept and switching to renewable energies also. This last but not least is the debate about rare earths that put not only in many high-tech products of daily life, but also as important components Environmental technologies such as catalytic converters, wind turbines, energy-saving lamps and electric motors are. Resource bottlenecks in the development of innovative green technologies addressed barely in the public debate although an insufficient planning security can lead to significant economic losses. Impact assessment improve to counteract such developments, could be a risk radar”are established for certain industry sectors and/or specific technologies. Data on the availability of raw materials should be supplemented this with information on the socio-political environment and potential conflict that can occur in the context of the promotion and trade of raw materials. Instruments for detecting integrated risk are to promote further and to expand the range of commodity foreign total risk mitigating measures for producers and transit countries. Background reports are the result of the two-year research project resource conflicts effectively avoid: Identification and reduction of international conflict risks associated with access to and use of raw materials”(ROHKON), Adelphi and the Wuppertal have edited Institute jointly commissioned by the Federal Environmental Agency. Divided into a total of eight research reports several case studies and scenarios have been developed up to the year 2030. More specifically, it involves lithium in Bolivia, rare earths in China, copper and cobalt in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, as well as the Nabucco gas pipeline project.


Sustainability reports represent the services and activities of the company with regard to sustainable development. Sustainability reports in access the most important topics of sustainability in particular for economic, ecological and social. In addition to the annual report, the sustainability report is the most important part of a company’s transparent information policy. Through the acquisition and assessment of environmental impacts as well as the communication of goals and their status, sustainability reports are instruments of sustainability management. Sustainability reports describe the current situation in the company and also the progress against predetermined targets. In the environment sector on resource efficiency focus, i.e.

less Raw materials and CO2 per sales unit or staff. In the social field, working conditions, job satisfaction, flexible working arrangements and training are discussed and evaluated. ForestFinance has run, among other things, an employee survey and an individual employee assistance for ergonomic optimization of work and health advice. E.V. company sustainability reports compare the Institute for ecological economy research (IoW) and future in a ranking King competition since 2005. Several hundred companies with its sustainability report took part in the latest ranking. Sustainability report items are among others a profile – strategy description and the core of the company as well as defining and tracking defined goals. For more specific information, check out The Laws of Human Nature.

About ForestFinance: The Bonn ForestFinance Group specialises in forest investments, which combine a lucrative return on investment with environmental and social sustainability. Interested parties can choose between several sustainable forest investment products. With the BaumSparVertrag you can, for example 33 euros a month, or once 360 euro reforest a tropical forest sustainably as an investment can be. Forecasts are 4 to 9.5 percent return. The minimum deposit period is one year, see the WaldSparBuch offers 1,000 m2 of tropical forest with a buy-back guarantee. Annual income offer runtime CacaoInvest and GreenAcacia, a forest investment with only seven years. Rain forests will be protected through the afforestation of ForestFinance forests, CO2 is bound for decades and species-rich forests are created from scratch. Harvest community, fire insurance and five percent of post-warranty plant safety areas at all forest investment products in Panama of effective investor protection contribute to.

How Do I Properly Heat In Winter And Air?

Properly ventilated and heat is not art. Who dispenses flipped window or overheated rooms, can save money. How to do it, reveal the following practical tips. Correct heating and you feel in your own four walls every person is different as well as its heat or cold sensation. However, it can be a pleasant room climate said that between 19 and 22 degrees feel comfortable. A poorly insulated housing can quickly chill which is why the thermostat must be turned mostly higher.

Experts advise to good temperatures, which meet the different functions of the rooms. In the bedroom it sleeps is at 18 degrees at best. Living room and kitchen, however, require 19 to 21 degrees. Infrequently used rooms make obsolete an excessive heating. Already 17 levels suffice. However, it is not recommended, to turn off the heater completely.

The subsequent high heating”wasted too much energy. Correct heating instead of heating overheated properly is simpler than you thinks and offers great potential for savings. The math is simple: 1 degree of less saves approximately six per cent of energy. That makes for a three-member family more than 40 euros per year. A quarter of savers already is, if the regulator from 24 to 20 degrees. Practical tips for the right heating a 4 “on the thermostat valve is equivalent to about 22 degrees. The knowledge allows better estimate, if you overheat his apartment. Closed doors are a must. Little heat to other rooms reached through the open doors. Uninsulated exterior walls need more air between the wallpaper and furniture. About ten centimeters gap enough so that the heat can circulate. Energy-saving a radiator heats up, if this is not adjusted with curtains or furniture. Without this Warmeblocker a 3-person household can save already 140 euro per year. If you go on holiday, the frost protection is indispensable. Wacky heaters allow faster freezing the lines. If not all Doors and Windows are well sealed, it is unnecessarily heating money out the window. A tape is installed with a few easy steps. See also: blog/energy-saving / moisture or mold: properly ventilate a person breathes and sweats, what differentiates itself as a water vapour on the walls. Showers, laundry drying or boiling do the rest. As a result, a four-person household produces about 12 litres every day. Mold risk, if the humidity in the room continually breaks the 60 percent mark. For this reason, proper ventilation is important. Properly airing in everyday life really means at least two to three times daily shock zulueften airing. 5 to 10 minutes are enough. There is no wind, then 15 minutes can open the opposite window and interior doors. Who airs but too long, cools the House. Then you must heat more to achieve a pleasant room climate. Important: The colder it gets outside the shorter, is the duration of ventilation. After You should immediately ventilate standing up to distribute the moisture in walls and furniture. Is shock airing after every shower or cooking on the plan. Not heat beyond the window, you should turn off the thermostat during aeration. The less you heat a room, must to be lifted from the more frequently. Transom Windows blow about 200 litres over the winter heating oil unused in the air”. In exceptional cases moderately insulated building with insulated Windows – one should frequently airing. See also: blog/real heating and-air / source for euro amounts for energy saving: Polarstern view also: blog/energiespartipps / press contact: Dominik Modrach Web page: E-Mail: