The Berkeley

Lutero said that the Christian is simul justus et peccator, that is, is declared just, but still he is recognized as pecador. The salvation in Christ declared Jesuses understands being right and received as saints ahead from God, for the applied mritos of Christ in us, by means of the Espirito Santo. Soon, it does not have more conviction (Rm 8:1), nor sin slavery, but peace and security in Christ (Rm 5:1 – 5), and consequently the true believer cannot lose its salvation. We believe piously that the sin committed for the believer is not less serious of what the sin in them does not treat our sins according to, nor in them repays our iniquity according to (Sl 105:10, PLOUGHS). When the true believers fall in sin, exactly serious sins and scandalous, them they are not abandoned by God, they are supported.

God never gives up them (Rm 8:31 – 39). As a Father restores its children, he corrects because you to who he loves and he beats the all son to who receives. He is for disciplines that perseverais (he treats you to God as children); therefore that son has that the father does not correct? But, if stays without correction, of that all have become participant, then, you are bastard and not children (Hb 12:6, PLOUGHS). Apstolo Pablo affirms this same truth saying that (1 Co 11:32). The Bible commands: Is strengthenn to live in peace with all and to be saints; without sanctity nobody will see you meat x spirit in its soul.

The Berkeley bishop said: I cannot pray, I commit sins. I cannot nail, I commit sins. Not I can give, nor to receive the Supper Mr., I commit sins. In the truth, I sin when I think that I do not sin. Necessary to repent me of my proper repentance; the tears that I spilled need the laudering of the blood of Christ.


What it was of the lizard, ate it to the grasshopper, and what it was of the grasshopper, it ate locusta it, and what it was of locusta, it ate it to the pulgo. Joel 1:4 This Biblical ticket shows to the caused difficulties and symptoms which we need repenting in them of our sins. Which had been the effect felt for that people? – hunger assolao (ruin, prosperity lack) – cut lamentation the food entristecimento- complete dry destruction/without water (water is life, dries is death)- rivers also dry ashamed moaning nothing that put the hands, it avenged (it gave all wrong one)- they had withered, they discouraged of time the joy if it also dried the food lack distressed everything what they had finished fast destrua everything what still they had were confused were being, literally, consumidosAs economic sources and of life had dried and they did not relieve nothing of beneficial absolutely, effect of the attacks of the lizard, the grasshopper, locusta, the pulgo demonic and annihilating figures of the cutter, migrador, devorador and annihilator. now? What to make? How they had reverted this calamitous picture? Still thus, right now says you: You convert you it all me of your heart; this with jejuns, and I cry, and pranto. Joel 2:12 and you tear your heart, and not them your vestments, and convert you it you your Gods; because it is merciful, and compassionate, and delayed in irar itself, and great in benignancy, and if he repents of the evil. Joel 2:13 Becoming themselves it Gods, of the mouth for are not only, but tearing the heart and clamando It for answers. Chorem the priests, ministers Mr., between alpendre and the altar, and say: Your people saves, SIR, and you do not deliver your inheritance to the oprbrio, so that heathen the o dominates; because they would say between the peoples: Where he is its God? Joel 2:17 the shame is so great, felt shame of the nations and all the ones that were around still asked in high and good sound: where he is its God? LIZARD = first phase of the insects, larvGAFANHOTO = harmful insect to the farming, it goes migrando, of farming in lavourLOCUSTA = common grasshopper, that migra, is born in Africa and europPULGO = small insect, of soft body, without wing, that sucks the seiva of the plants.