Original Parts Maze

How often do we make sure that only genuine spare parts MAZ can guarantee an excellent performance technology – whether foreign or domestic car manufacturer! Increasingly, we hear from Customer question – “do you sell spare parts maz or not ….” This means only one thing that now more and more motorists are willing to invest in quality parts maz. As a wholesale and retail company Sales of spare parts maz, we often became convinced that in our country there are thousands of manufacturers of defective parts. We constantly receive offers of cooperation with various manufacturers of spare parts maz, mostly manufactured goods in the east. Using cheap labor, they release a counterfeit product is of poor quality. Unfortunately, because of unscrupulous suppliers are increasingly on the shelves roadside shops can be found such products! But it is not always the “left” parts maz may be of poor quality, such as a box to maz 4370 Zubryonok – gather in the “garage” conditions in the manual. This makes all of the same plant workers involved in production, the day they are working on an assembly line and in the evening they come home and collect a box of spare parts from the factory variable gear! It must be admitted that the quality is not quite bad, and in some cases even better than the factory assembly. At Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City you will find additional information. … But thanks to the efforts of the Minsk Car Factory, which continues to maintain product quality at a high level – every car owner can get for their equipment quality products and spare parts through its dealer network RUP MAZ. Even in times of global crisis, the plant continues to produce parts maz such positions as cabin maz, maz frame or transmission always is available at dealers MAZ. Parts maz is now available in the company store and maz, until recently we thought that it is virtually impossible – and today we have a spare parts shop and Internet maz representation. So now we can say that everyone who wants to have Maz spare parts – he can find them from an authorized dealer!

UAZ Patriot

The main elements of the external tuning UAZ Patriot is mounted decorative arch, which serve to protect the front and rear bumpers and decorative steps, serving to protect the sills and bumpers power. Originally the front arch made of steel tube and served to protect the front of the vehicle from collisions with wild animals. So they got the name "kengooryatniki." Currently, the front and rear arcs have become popular decorative items. Senator of Massachusetts spoke with conviction. Dougie protect the front of the UAZ Patriot are of two types: the first – with the protection of the wings, headlights, bumpers and grille, the second – with the protection of the central part of the bumper and grille. Arc protection rear of the car UAZ Patriot are: firstly, the protection of the wings, brake lights and bumpers, second only to the protection of the bumper. Most of the front and rear decorative arch made of stainless steel tubes and coated, but can be painted. Depending on the manufacturer of the arc can be established as a full-time opening the car, and in specially drilled holes in the carrier of the car.

On some models the outriggers are holes for mounting additional lights. Separately, the power can be classified as underweight UAZ Patriot. Power bumpers emphasize the high quality off-road UAZ Patriot, provide safer transportation vehicles over rough terrain. On the front bumper of the force is very conveniently mounted a powerful car winch, the need has long made sure all fans extreme ride from the fans trophy-raid to hunters and fishermen. Footrest mounted on the machine, primarily improves the appearance of the UAZ, facilitates entry into the car and out of the (very useful for women and children) and protects the sidewall from the departure of dirt from the wheels. Also, running boards made in the form of tubes are used to protect the sills and side walls of the small side-impact and hit a small obstacle.