Social Commitment Of Teachers

Usually the traditional priority of teacher in the Peru unions have been the wage claims with the topics frequently disputed between teachers unions and State relate almost exclusively to wage and working conditions budget for education, educational bylaws collective _convenios in the sector and other rules governing work in educational institutionstraining and professional development. The best way of doing good to the poor I believe that is not care for them in their poverty but put them in conditions that leave – Franklin I am convinced that is a challenge encourage greater dialogue between the teachers themselves and with trade unions to promote cultural change by a perspective more holistic, involving both the training of teachersdevelopment and reflection of effective proposals for education renewed, until obtaining the commitment by the objectives and results of education. On the other hand, the Ministry of education, must have a clear vision with regard to the national guidelines which are not only treated in Cabinet but who have the responsibility of designing comprehensive policies agreed with the direct responsible for the execution, which are professionals of education and should be closely linked with teachers and their unions, ensuring greater social responsibility shared by education. At the same time, the processes of negotiation with the teachers have to be deeply linked with the commitment of the latter to accomplish the objectives and results paths to national, regional and local; i.e. all the cognitive, cultural and social background are rooted that call is a meaningful learning for students who need it and are demanding calida educational. But bear in mind that what is mentioned above is not only in the hands of teachers, but it is closely related to the educational conditions that must exist in any educational process which are indispensable and not forgetting that in the said process are involved educational agents, who met an important role thus giving evidence that are not only teacher – pupil but which encompasses the entire society. That is why the Government has to focus on it in a comprehensive manner. The social commitment of teachers happens, firstly, by transforming processes within classrooms and also outside them which allow the student, develop in the near future and thus its generation. Finally I want to end with the phrase of Augusto Salazar Bondy: all question of the educational relationship outside of historical conditions – social concrete is abstract and therefore idealising, which means disorienting and the more often abettor of realities. Lic. Armelo Lopez Pena original author and source of the article