Professional Technical Committees

Taking into consideration that public servants in operating levels and base stations, apply the provisions of the Civil Service Law of the State and the Government ranks and Regulations of the State of Sonora. a The concept of Civil Service System is applied to staff in posts and trust managers, while the Career Civil Service is for base stations. This is similar to the provisions of the Law on Civil Service System of the Federal Public Administration of Mexico, which applies to leadership and trust, and for implementing the basic Federal paperwork. a For the state level of Sonora, in the program above states that the system depends on the Chief Executive of the State and will be conducted by the Secretariat of the Comptroller General and the operation will be undertaken by each of the units central public administration through the establishment of a Technical Committee on Professionalism. The guiding principles of the System of Civil Service System are: legality, efficiency, objectivity, quality, impartiality, fairness and competition for Merit (3). In this context, for the operation of the system, the Secretariat of the Comptroller General shall draw on the following bodies: a The Advisory Council is an instance of support from the secretariat, in order to make general recommendations, comment on the guidelines, policies, strategies and lines of action to ensure and facilitate the development of the system. a Professional Technical Committees, including the role of recruitment for management positions, including acting as a collegiate body, responsible for operating the system in the unit for them, and based on regulations issued by the aforementioned secretariat for these respect to entities that are part of the Public Administration under the Executive Organization Act of the State of Sonora, stated in the Program may establish their own professional career service based the principles of that professional service. . Frequently Alfred Adler has said that publicly.