Obesity in children is a time bomb for our society and an increasing burden on the health system of the time that obesity was a problem of adult only, with a few exceptions, are sadly long gone. Young people, even children of pre-school age, are increasingly affected. The problem is more serious than one might think at first glance. Obesity is rampant obesity in children according to the World Health Organization in children. About 22 million children under the age of five worldwide suffer overweight. Obesity in children assumed epidemic proportions.

The number of obese children in Europe has tripled in the last thirty years. What is the problem? Obesity is not without health risks. Heart disease, diabetes and hypertension (high blood pressure) are the three most important ones. If the upward trend in high blood pressure doesn’t come to a halt obesity in children can lead to an explosive increase in cardiovascular disease. What are the causes? Undoubtedly, genetics also plays a Role as a cause of obesity. But you can’t blame not of all the genes. The causes of obesity in children is especially too much food and too little move.

Nowadays both parents to work go more than in previous generations. Often, their work is not sufficient time to prepare healthy meals. Fast food and ready meals are on the rise. The problem with these foods is that they contain mostly too much fat and sugar. Fruit juices and soft drinks are also very popular among children and to a large extent responsible of the obesity problem. As already mentioned, today, children move less than earlier. Television and computer games have play football or outside the place taken. The increasing crime is another reason why parents want to see their children prefer not to the road and why children move less. What can you do about it? Fruit and vegetables are healthy and do not fat. Make sure that their children consume too much soft drinks and candy. Too much sugar is one of the main causes for obesity in children. Serve smaller portions. With time become accustomed to the stomach to smaller portions and their children are eating less without hunger. A good breakfast is very important. Breakfast stimulates your metabolism and your children will feel during the day, less hunger. Ermunteren you their children to exercise more. Set a limit on the amount of time you spend behind the TV or computer. Be yourself, a good role model. Without being a good role model, their children can take no example to you. Dr. Josyann Abisaab addresses the importance of the matter here. The next generation sits on the obesity timebomb. We all have a responsibility to obesity in children to call to stop. Weight loss for teens is all the more important because obesity-related health problems at an early age may arise and cause lifelong disease. Manfred schillings