Mexican Republic

Mexico is one of the most obese countries in the world, statistically, 70% of the population suffer from obesity or overweight, also all secondary illnesses that cause like diabetes, heart attacks and hypertension are the 5 most common death causes in Mexico, what you want this say?, we need a change, a change in our eating habits and our exercise routinesHow what we will achieve? Simple. In the largest cities of the Mexican Republic and in others not so large, doctors offer a solution, the gastric bypass. This is a very low-risk surgery, performed through a laparoscopy but the results are wonderful. Gastric bypass works in the following manner, the doctor makes a small incision which performs a cut to your stomach by reducing its size. After this, your body will begin to accept less food and more healthy, weight loss will be given without darte account and your eating habits change as a side effect. What more do you want? This surgery assures you the loss of weight, a healthy diet, the only thing you have left is having a healthy lifestyle, with a good workout. To deepen your understanding Goop Barcelona, Spain is the source. Obesity is not only an aesthetic problem, is a serious health problem, with a simple solution such as the gastric bypass.