Francisco Arias Solis

It is true that reading books is often simply a refuge, and some are enclosed to read in the moments that best would be to give the face. Although in the not very distant past images had not been completely replaced by the printed lines, linear character, serial, reasoned, of communication, especially in the form of the book, Apex and Summit of the printed letter is strongly accentuated. Not everyone was reading books, but almost everyone looked at them with some awe; an educated man was a widely read man. Yesteryear book, supposed wisdom or revelation, deposit had revered but then respected books, plural, how many more better. Everything seemed to happen to end up in a book. It was sadness having read all the books, but when it emerged the reality was still being compared with a book: the book of nature, the book of life the grains of truth are nothing more than grains. It is not true that the books have gone down in history, and it is less true even verbal language has been superseded for the benefit of others non-verbal. There were never so many books now in every sense: never had published many, many sold, read so many.

Many people, incidentally, do not read books, but there were so many that they read them long ago? Not only absolute but also relatively, book readers, including young people, today are more abundant than ever. Like other dead professional pessimists murder without ceasing, fenecidos declared books are in good health. And as the poet said: I’m looking for a book / to show me my way, / because people have told me / that I’m really lost. Francisco Arias Solis the first condition for peace is the desire to achieve it. For peace and freedom and Forum free Internet portal.