Controlling Our Thoughts

There are thoughts that are stormy. We fight and then expel them, ignore them, for giving them aside. But they are still there, they will not. Not a few times, on the contrary, they seem increasingly insistent. These thoughts can come from memories. Things that you are sorry and they will be saved forever in your past. Returning from the past to require an impossible solution since it is already out of reach. But quite incidence are concerns. Real or imagined threats we envision in our consciousness. We think of things that seem terrible and that may have occurred or be about to happen. Sometimes the raids in our brain are the cavalry of the doubt. Those thoughts to the most rational question. In an almost crazy can disturb or force us to make unnecessary checks. Finally, there is unhealthy thoughts or ideas that would be worth submitting it. But why we can not get them out of our heads? The reason lies in the way they try to do it. The human mind works as follows.

First arises a goal, then performs an action to achieve it. Then try to remember what was the objective to verify whether the action undertaken attain. If you realize you have not achieved, repeat the action. It is in that mental functioning that hide the reason. That reason which makes it impossible to forget the unpleasant ideas. Let’s see what happens. First you approach the goal of no bother to think about the idea, then try to think of anything else to do it. Then try to remember what you had proposed objective to see if you succeeded. And guess what, that’s what you have to recall precisely the idea that you try to forget. When you realize that you are unable to definitely take it off your mind, try again. And so the idea bounces over and over in your head. For these reasons it is not advisable to try so hard to erase ideas. That’s not what you have to do, let the ideas quiet. Your thinking is and must remain essentially free. If a memory you reflects on the causes torment. If you’re worried about something pending, put to work and do not leave for tomorrow. If you have any regrets even apologizes yourself. But do something, find a real solution and not lash against your own thinking. Rest as much as possible and devote yourself to activities that require enough of your attention. That is, dedicate yourself to healthier tasks you passionate. You’ll see how well you get better results than fighting against yourself.