Antibiotic Treatment

While these complexes are kept reserved for use in these treatments, other drugs are being applied. Amongst them if they detach the polifuncionais alquilantes, the mitticos inhibitors, the antitumorais antimetablitos and antibiotics. These today constitute the main drugs used in the treatment of the cancer. However, they cause some resistncias in the organism. Such resistncias occur, or because the cellular populations develop new genetic codification (mutation) or because they are stimulated, when being displayed to the drugs, to develop resistant cellular types, what it allows them to enveredar for alternative metabolic ways, through the enzyme synthesis new (Sasse, 2006). The interesting one is that it has possibility of if reverting the mechanism of resistance from the composite use that inactivates 170-P (a glycoprotein of great intracellular concentration, on to the plasmtica membrane and that it stimulates the resistance to the quimioterpicos). Studies carried through in laboratory had shown a type of resistance cruzade presented for cellular languages between diverse quimioterpicos, whose common characteristic is to be derived from natural products.

This type of phenomenon passed to be called ‘ ‘ resistance of the multiple drogas’ ‘ is related to the reduction of the intracellular concentration of the quimioterpico and to the presence of the glycoprotein 170-P. Some of these mechanisms already are known. However, still they meet under clinical studies (Control of the cancer, 1993). Then, while the results of these clinical studies expect, what if it can make to brighten up the suffering of those people who tend to pass for the quimioterpico treatment? Which possible alterations can occur in the chemical compositions of the quimioterpicos agents, so that they can diminish the suffering in the stages of the treatment, eliminating or reducing the collateral effect? The elimination or reduction of these effect can help in the recovery of the patients whom tends to pass for this type of treatment, being able to submit itself to a less depressive recovery.