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I will look for to give to relief in the present article the three great desires that had always been gifts in the human spirit since its miraculosa creation (from preexisting material and for pneuma the holy ghost), until our days, and to relate them with modern science. These desires secundum quid are legitimate, however, the great problem inhabit in its displacement of target and its other people’s independence the good and perfect will of God, manifest in the revelation Jewish-Christian. These legitimately human desires, that with passing of the years had changedded into subject and object of study of positive sciences, can be related with two tickets of the veterotestamentrias Holy Writs, namely, the fall of the first couple (Genesis 3), and the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11). Of the boarded subjects, the first one belongs to biological sciences, more specifically to the genetics, as it is referred the practical philosophy (politics), and the last one is on to astronomy. The first subject is the aspiration of sciences biological for immortality the human being; today it is said in reaching immortality of the life when the human genome is studied. Some geneticistas affirm that the humanity in the future, after to mapear the human genome and to discover the gene that cause the death, power to revert its process and to reach immortality. Not obstante the kinship with the dogma of immortality of the soul in the context of the religion, immortality refers now the materiality, not if it speaks of immortal soul in the after-life as we know, but immortality in the natural scope. The desire for immortality of the life in the natural scope, always was a human dream, since the myth of the source of youth until the Drcula de Bran Stocker, and in our days the myth persists with maquiagem of positive science. In the book of the Genesis the moment is told where the first couple is attemped to eat of the fruit of the tree of the good and the evil, the serpent, that is Lucifer, when offering the forbidden fruit, affirms that the human beings will not go to die when transgressing the law of God, is the beginning of the myth of the immortality independent one of God, which is giver of the life.


On the one hand medical facilities where no safety control is prescribed, are tested according to DIN VDE 0751-1 or DIN VDE 62353. Examples of this category are microscopes and other laboratory equipment, suction devices and exam lights. On the other hand, the entire range of equipment in a practice must be checked. These include vacuum cleaners, coffee machines, microwaves but also extension cables and power strips. This test is the VDE 0701/0702 to reason.

Detailed information for testing according to DIN VDE 0701/0702 get inspection The tests to ensure the safety of patients, staff or third parties according to BGV A3. The periodic check of electrical medical devices or products are not prescribed by DIN VDE 0751-1. Should exist no determination by the manufacturer, the responsibility during the practice owner or the operator of medical technology. The guideline is about a year between two retries.

Influencing factors must however be given prominence as the type of device, the usage purpose and the frequency, the operating conditions, the frequency of lack of and maintaining the devices. For the setting of inspection periods of electrical equipment a breakdown carried out by the VDE 0701/0702 for the time being mobile and -resources. Mobile equipment is portable devices such as vacuum cleaner, coffee machines and kettles, which must be tested in an interval of one year. For devices in offices such as printers and phones, a control sufficient of all two years. Fixed electrical equipment are installed in a site, in the longer term such as, for example, washing machines. Here the test period is four years. Only specially trained persons, such as electricians, approved and calibrated measuring instruments may test a VDE it. The auditor or the auditor must have at any time their qualifications. The examination of electrical medical devices and resources will focus on an early detection of defects, which in the worst case can lead to hazards, damage and accidents. The VDE test includes various types of inspection and electrical measurements:-Visual inspection – investigation of the electrical appliance on externally visible defects and damage such as faulty cables, plugs or switches, Wear, missing covers, faulty repairs, safety-reducing pollution, presence of security-relevant inscriptions and proper labelling of electrical measurements – collection of various electrical measurements, depending on the type of appliance, protection class and measuring method measuring the protective conductor resistance measuring the insulation resistance measurement of the substitute leakage current measuring the contact current measurement of the patient the leading current measurement of the differential current function test must only after successful inspection and performed to correct results; Device will be activated according to its purpose and function upper fourth documentation contains information to the investigator (name, business name, signature), measurement methods, measurements, date of inspection, etc., defects or damage is observed in a VDE testing, the inspector must issue a recommendation for repair and the medical device with a corresponding test badge, for example with “the inscription defect”, attach. After completed inspection with no deficiencies have been identified, is the identification of the medical device with the corresponding certification label. The badge has tested the printing of medical technology according to BGV A3 “and also indicates the next test date with month and year. A compliance with all medical product Act, demands and BGV A3 tests ensure not only legal certainty across the street from authorities and the insurance protection from damage or accidents. Enables the functionality, accurate diagnosis and quality for patients at a safe level.