Today, I revisited the old letters of love that ordered you me! How many pretty things wrote you me! When reading them I could hear the strokes of its heart and its gasping breath. It was impossible not to feel homesickness of that we pass, of the good moments that our souvenir never will erase. I remembered each detail minunciosamente, I remembered the day where we fight because of former-boyfriend its, I was dying of cimes, but soon we made the pazes in the party of 15 of the Alicinha. Auqela was inesquecvel party! As it is good for living the life in glad way, searching always to be happy, therefore the time runs as ray quickly clareando in the dark one and we almost do not perceive, what it remains in them are the homesicknesses, and the homesicknesses alone are valid to the penalty when in them they bring suffering and yes joy and the certainty of that the life well was lived and that the penalty was valid