After World War

Even if we use a moderate amount of sugar sold by weight, it does not mean that so we do not regard this issue as well as sugars and sweeteners present in soft drinks chewing gum, sausages, yoghurt, confectionery. The presence of sugar in many products, sometimes even hard to guess. Stevia Honey – a healer and a threat … sugar magnates in Japan long ago replaced sugar natural sweetener – Stevia honey. After World War II, when scientists of the country looking for plants that would help bring radionuclides, stevia began to explore and grow in greenhouses.

Scientists have discovered so many useful properties in the grass, now that 90% of the world's stevia grown in Japan is buying up and adds it to the 50% of product names. It's not just ice cream, candy, yogurt, and pickles, sauces, teas, beverages, toothpaste. Production of synthetic sweeteners in the country is prohibited. According to medical scientists precisely because stevia products, life expectancy in the Land of the Rising Sun is 90 years. Because of the tragedy Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, stevia is declared national treasure, its removal from the country is prohibited. Homeland Stevia – northern Paraguay on the border with Brazil. The indigenous peoples of America Adolescent use of more than a thousand years.

Spanish conquistadors in the 18th century noticed that the natives used tea mate with stevia as a bracing means and in any distress. In the 30s of last century in the Soviet Union, this plant has delivered Academician Vavilov, geneticist scientist. Vavilov pointed to the unique properties of herbs to restore the disturbed metabolic processes in the body, increase energy levels, delay the aging process, protect against the harmful effects of environmental environment, to harmonize all the systems of the body, while keeping intensely sweet taste, similar in taste to sugar. But seriously engaged in research on plants only in the second half of the 20th century.


I am of all sincere when I declare my common agreement well to it 2 with each word yours my respect. Yes, I am only one common man 3. In the chest, 25 years of homesickness; in the memory, an idea that conserves me living creature. An uncommon fear of the one for coming that still now awakes me that usual desire not to exist 4. In this you have much reason: However, all we have homesicknesses; a life plan; a fear that in properly says to them human the least in this seems me the men to be distinguished from the rocks. At last, I am always in agreement your thought, at any moment unequivocal on my hypothetical figure 5. However, what to make when of the agreement fact does not result? Perhaps for the moment, let us leave to that one that speaks to you.

Let us think the person yours. Mother of two; she inherited of the life the orphanage of which the world never knew to exempt us also I will not be exempt of the evil that the life prepared for itself 6. She pardons that me for this unjustified shunting line saw ece of fish in tomb the art that still serves it of model and support, a someone to who calls Russian Renato. I ask to it therefore: Perhaps she is your person it dispatches by post in a world or it has a world rank in your person? 7 not very Seems to have me difference enters a case and another one, except that hypothetical one, which we use to grant the miracle to us of a space and a time; we give history to our ghost; usually we say: ‘ ‘ here I am eu’ ‘ 8. It cheers to you of not being philosopher. in a similar way that in itself such joy is made use, smiles the death of yours: good homesickness this when it seems us enough real. To speak of the father, to remember the mother.

In the agony of the lack, to use of the children for the urgent consolation of the soul. It does not have doubt, as that if it also makes for itself is died. To die? To my spirit the satisfaction to exist is a luxury that never me is delivers. If the woman died who served to it of mother, will die my conjectura; Was stolen it saudosa presence of the father? The assumption of mine if was. But if it waits you the fear of the life, it hugs your children your secret of peace.


It knew, its life was becoming a life of fights and victories, lived one day of each time, delighting themselves with each unknown fact and conquered by itself, until one day it are presenteado with a new love, hearts are difficult to understand, but she is necessary to the times to run risks, always loses something, when fear is had to lose, but you must give much attention in the details, in the signals, you must always be of open eyes. big is rewarded, the Creator if it sensetized with its homesickness, its pain, and it gave a wife to it, who did not compare itself in nothing with its old one loved. Virtuous woman, will find who it? Somebody that always had a soul is more inclined to the opened suffering, it is more easily led by the circumstances, the river that has in itself yearns for discovery. Loved its does not have the same luck, as it passes many years without a soul, becomes dries, led for the rapidses of its decisions, finished leaving itself to imprison, is not never innocent, voluntarily it knew the malice, the badness, the anger, the cowardice and finally it was turned toward inside of itself, its life was without life, the emptiness never it are filled. Then in the desperation for loving, it loved, one, two, others and was unhappy, he had not been that one that its heart chooses. It was delivered in the arms of the stubbornness, needed to become free itself of the disillusion, the failures, would not give up to search. He looked for its old one loved, waited, but it did not appear, for everything has a reply, any question that can be conceived has for obligation a reply.

For to another it looked it time, of this time it appeared, but folloied for the brother, is necessary to be intent to the signals, as a weak person who was, gave up, only questions here or acol, to know as he was loved its, was necessary to continue the life without life. It forgot in the truth left that others thought that it forgets, could not make nothing, nothing would add to it if they knew of what goes to the soul, days after days, sun is born, sun if puts, the life goes taking its course natural. But badness always arises in the soul of that they had lived for as much time without soul, care with these people, is part of the group already before mentioned. Certain day, in some place, as much makes, Maria of Nazar and so Maria how much Maria of the Conceio, who if it matters? Discovers it. It is homesickness? Love? Envy? Anger? It would not know to need, I am mere accountant of estrias.

It was not satisfied itself in descobriz it, also wanted to be discovered, the peace of a family never must be stained, has rules and has consequences for they break that them. The desire is a curse. The things do not move, change we, already it said somebody callous thing, it arrives to be incredible everything already mentioned, but the pure truth is between the words, does not have exaggerates, therefore this degnerates the feelings, desvirtua the facts and disfigures the truth.