National Parks

Image picks even flaunts the emblem of Colorado! The second wing of the economy 'Colorful Colorado "as the proud name of your state inhabitants of this area is tourism. Landscapes of Colorado simply stagger the imagination. Great rock deep red, the highest sand dunes in all of North America, the breathtaking sunsets over the snow-capped peaks, rivers and lakes are simply asking to photograph. Wall calendars and dvd movies captured mountain scenery in different seasons, not just show you the beauty of the state, but also serve as an excellent gift for your older relatives. But to these miracles of modern printing, and respect for nature, add a little odor Colorado: several jars with herbs grown in the uplands of the state. Mountains of the state were native habitats of indigenous inhabitants of this land.

Even now the Indians live in the Pueblos, the peculiar cities in the rocky caves. Get acquainted with their way of life, reconstructed to the smallest detail, you can in the National Park Mesa Verde. There can not only see the legacy of the Anasazi culture, but also to observe daily lives of Indians and purchase gifts for their friends and colleagues. And here, pay special attention to the image of figures in high pen headdress with a flute in his hands. This Kokopelli, revered by many Native American tribes as a deity of good luck and fertility. His figures adorn key chains, designed to be worn on mobile phones or handbags. These gifts will delight your staff and will certainly bring them good luck.

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Project XX Kimbell Art antiquities auction Museum is the last work of Louis Kahn opened by himself. Kay Kimbell was a Texas businessman and a leading holder of a collection of works of art. a collection of Greek, Roman, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Central European, Byzantine and Islamic are booming. Especially in times full of upheavals and innovations In his will he said all these were put into a first-class museum that would be built with their money. Egypt and the middle east are full of including art, jewels, paintings, and more Thus, the museum is located in a park in Fort Worth with other art galleries, was entrusted to the then famous Kahn. The museum project began walking in 1967 and was inaugurated in antiquities 1972. Kahn was the end of his life very aware of the importance of natural light Egyptian antiquities in its architecture, being the backbone of the museum. As he said, “A museum is light to antiquities dealers see the shadows”. Years later the draft antiquities for sale Kahn, the Kimbell Museum extension was conducted by a Japanese architect.

The Family Business

The Family Business – and the more classical sense of the term: Family Business – combines complex structure of relationships which interact in three dimensions: the Family, Property of entrepreneurship and management. Then we identify those who are located at the intersection of two basic dimensions, namely: – Those who are part of the family and they own but do not participate in the management of the company. – Those who are part of the family and participate in the management of the company but do not own. – Who are the owners and participate in the management of the company but are not part of the family. – Finally we identify those who share the three dimensions are part of the family, own and participate in the management of the company. This model facilitates the analysis of interests, beliefs, values and family legacies that are shared by each group of stakeholders. In countries dende work has been carried identification, family businesses represent a large percentage of existing businesses.In Spain about 70 of companies (as represented in a statistical sample of 80 of the universe of companies) were family firms. These companies billed 61 of the total sample using 62 of the workforce. With the passing of time, families grow and the increasing complexity of family relationships (from babies to adults, couples and children, separations, etc..) Cause significant growth pressures that the system imposes on the family business system. For this reason family businesses mortality is very high. In the U.S. 30 of family businesses survive the second generation and only 17 survive the third generation. Our job as consultants is focused on helping corporate family to help them create different levels of relationship (Government Bodies) to avoid collapse of the company by the complexity of the relationship and in turn allow the company thrives on family values, basic pillars that rise to its creation. Roberto Talent Executive Coach Talent Development Innovation and Talent Consultants