An Informal Look At The Economy

But not only is the lack of knowledge and of being less competitive with others, because in this economy also witnessed cases where people have credentials in technical and / or university and fall in the same informal mass, which leads to a decline at the career of these people. 2. Another aspect contributing to the informality of the economy is the fiscal side, because this large labor pool is not circumscribed within a plan or system to allow control for information operations, and thus power, through a transparent and objective process, implement fiscal policies that improve the space where these people work and, similarly, to make contributions to the Treasury and help increase national treasure. Check out McDougall Program for additional information.

3. Among the factors that might influence the growth of the informal economy, seem contradictory, but he is immersed in the same fiscal factor, but not in the implementation of their plans and their standards just the opposite: failure to implement efficiently and effective of these, the receipt and control of goods entering the country in an illegal smuggling are talking about, factor fundamental in the growth of informal sector because it allows the insertion of goods illegally and who are not breast for the treasury, all of which is that the cost of it is lower than for goods of the same nature that do pay their taxes , which makes that competitiveness is not transparent. 4. In addition to smuggling, piracy is also a contributing factor to increase the informal economy, the record industry has been one of the most serious casualties by the growth of piracy.