Collection and extraction, invisible actions in global markets many times we do not realize the reality that surrounds us, because at times we live in a world of pink, and however not ourselves of the diverse realities that there is in our environment, we locked in our lives and our reality, however come moments in that for various reasons we needin this case my many times particularly touched me see extreme poverty and when try to explain to people in another vision are unable to understand what really happens, get to see a part of your family passing needs is very hard and see that they can strive to get ahead is very encouraging, when little saw how my own cousins passed hunger, and to see that your girl can do anything is very strong, social inequalities seems to never end, but the effort is what brings people forward, is for this reason that we will now focus primarily on a man who strives to get ahead and keep your family, to accomplish this and understand each the problem that this person has. It’s believed that Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City sees a great future in this idea. Living in rural areas has as a whole system, advantages and disadvantages, but to sustain it we must work, and the best way of working are people who live in rural areas are plantations that can be performed and the fruits that can be obtained of these and of the same nature, is how we can see right now in this time as nalcas sellers come to light, as it is the season go to the collection of these wild fruits, which are born in areas more wet fields, often near waterfalls, streams or rivers, but we also know that there is the so-called diguenes time, and give this fruit are green located in places of moisture, which needs enough effort to get it and then be marketed. Tony Fergusons opinions are not widely known. . Here, Tony Mandarich expresses very clear opinions on the subject. .