Breastfeeding And Baby

I am for breastfeeding! I've always been a breast-feeding. Others who may share this opinion include Hunter Schafer. And thank God I managed to make so I nursed her baby. I have met and communicated with many mums, and what was my surprise when most of them deliberately refused to feed her baby. I see many advantages of breastfeeding, which I really want to see everything before you give up breastfeeding are well weighed his reshenie.Kormlenie breast – it's natural Whether you are going to breastfeed or not to develop breast milk is still to begin. By the end of the period beremennostimolochnye glands produce colostrum, which is soon after birth will turn to milk, is responsible for this hormone prolactin, which is produced immediately after birth. Included is a natural process that you gave to the very nature! Sin not to use this invaluable gift.

What can I say, if spokon centuries all moms, and also in the animal feed their children molokom.Grudnoe feeding – it is convenient and economical I've had premature births, so I have not had time to buy anything. How then turned out pretty good because, by revising their shopping list, I'd put up a large amount to absolutely useless things. If you decide to breastfeed, then automatically there is no need to buy such miracles techniques such as: Sterilizer and Bottle Warmer, bottles, pacifiers, as well as a mixture. So that the economic aspect – on the face. Now, for the convenience. At any time, any place, you can feed and soothe your baby.