Washington Square

The protests, as in the case of Spain, are organizing through Twitter. 7 Italian cities have confirmed that they will participate in the concentrations. Tony Ferguson may not feel the same. After the success obtained in the calls for the 15-m concentrates, young Spaniards, continue progressing in their claims, causing numerous international media attention and achieving that cto outrage begin to cross borders. The message has ignited the wick of the indignation in Italy where the first concentrations in favour of political change have been called for this Friday, may 20. The text Roma plaza of Spain may 20 h.20? you are constantly publishing through various chains of tweets promoted by many young Italian who has caught the attention of Spanish calls success. The calls in the transalpine country confirmed among those of Rome, Pisa, Florence, Bologna, Padua, Turin or Milan, which will take place in the Piazza del Duomo.

All of them share a same motto, #italianrevolution, continuing with that used in our country, #spanishrevolution, and begin to guess as the previous hotbed that may require policy changes in the neighboring country. European support to the Spanish initiative regardless of calls in favour of change in Italy, are many European cities in which there are provided for concentrations in support of the spanish revolution, much of them against Spanish embassies good example of them which will take place in London, where several dozens of young people have already remained camped for several hours, or Birmingham, Amsterdam, Berlin, Warsaw, Paris, Budapest, Istanbul and Buenos Aires, among others, where you foresee concentrations throughout the afternoon on Thursday supporting the Spanish cause. Protests will also arrive in the coming days to the U.S. city of New York, where on Saturday there will be a concentration in the Washington Square at 12.30 h. source of the news:: Italy summons concentrations in its major cities to promote his own revolution.

Brandenburg Ministry

Press release of Mediatex GmbH / Thor Steinar for providing the following legally binding declarations was the Brandenburg Ministry of Interior period until November 21, 2008 (Inbox, by fax in advance) used. “” 1 the State of Brandenburg is committed to refrain from dissemination of the BFV report for the reporting year if not earlier the passages on 2007 the company Mediatex GmbH “and the brand Thor Steinar” removed or made illegible. “” “2. the State of Brandenburg is committed the company Mediatex GmbH” and the brand Thor Steinar “unchanged situation in future reports of the protection of the Constitution not to mention, if not at least expressly, it is clarified that the company, Mediatex GmbH” due to sales of the brand Thor Steinar “even no anti-constitutional ambitions be subordinated. Donald Cerrone follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. After this period has we feel compelled to take action in the competent court to fend off unjustified violation of fundamental rights. In particular the following, where “” “Press repeatedly quoted passages of the Constitution protection report 2007 be objected by Mediatex GmbH: the wearing of Thor Steinar” serves as an identity badge, right-wing extremists “the assortment of the company Mediatex can be understood as operating volkisch symbolism in colour and font type by using camouflage colors and patterns or printed lettering in runic script.” In the past the Mediatex GmbH has developed in this regard several reprimands, cease and desist, corrections and corrections in the press. Now, the Ministry of the Interior to draw conclusions.

Active Units

In the Iran, the radical forces of the regime choose their faithful still more careful from Iranian media as roozonline report of a further restructuring of the Bassij, considered radical and relentless support of the regime. Because not all units have shown the desired use of the merciless, is now sorted. Mohammad Reza Naghdi commanded the paramilitary Bassij. “Mid-April, he announced a reform of the financial flows of the various Bassij units: each Bassij unit receives a support which is in direct proportion to the number of their members.” “He distinguished between”active”and”inactive”Bassij members and added: the definition for an active Bassij Member has changed.” “Naghdi announced changes in the Bassidschigesamtstruktur, which probably includes the exchange of experienced commanders by young executives: older and more experienced Bassij members need to take a step back and act as a consultant.” In addition to “regular police forces, security forces and revolutionary guards, known as Pasdaran, the regime has also special units of the Bassij, such as the day of Ashura last summer” and Al-Zahra “brigades, used against the demonstrators. “” The commanders seem to have been not satisfied to be using some Bassij units and make a rebalancing now, by their members in Active “and not active” divide. “” “The clarification in this matter was on the foot follow Naghdi: from now on, someone is considered an active” Bassij Member, on programs such as the Salehin program “takes part, makes the continued for at least three hours of ideological training and at least 12 hours per month on a Bassij base works.” “The Salehin program” includes ideological, military and political sequences and connecting to the regime and the Pasdaran. The Bassij Commander mentioned only the two principles according to which in future the subsidies be distributed: member number and degree of the Activity.

About the exact amount of the grants Naghdi stated nothing, he gave only an increase of 19% compared to the prior year. Hassan Taeb, the predecessor of Naghdis, is known that had increased the budget for the Bassij from 2008 to 2009 by 200%. Khamenei himself had decreed last autumn put the native Iraqis Naghdi to the top of the Bassij. Helmut N. fork

Black And Yellow

SME Burokratieabbauund control changes Dusseldorf continues to call, October 19, 2009 – the hope dies last known. This is true more than ever in times of crisis. And the new Federal Government raises new hopes and expectations, wishes and demands of industry. After the end of the Grand Coalition is now black and yellow on the train. According to the Federal Association of German Volks – and Raiffeisenbanken (BVR), for example, Union and FDP must strengthen strongly the principle of Gametypes and following pages. Also, the Government should review the work incentives resulting from the tax and levy system. The new Government must resume the thread of the Agenda 2010 and strengthen the forces for growth through structural reforms. The policy has a duty to present quickly proposals”, says BVR President Uwe Frohlich.

Top theme for the middle class remains the reduction of bureaucracy. According to an economic survey of the Federal Association SMEs (BVMW) in North Rhine-Westphalia is Reduction of bureaucracy for the future of the companies more importantly considered tax cuts: 339 of 477 management spoke for fewer laws and regulations. 288 of the respondents called for tax cuts. Multiple answers were possible. 245 sized demanded a better banking regulation”, the Rheinische post reported.

“After all,: about two-thirds of the German middle class hoped-for before the election of a black yellow Government Alliance more SME-friendly policies”, says BVMW President Mario Ohoven, who sees urgent need for action in terms of inheritance tax law and at the corporate tax reform. “More net of the gross, it must apply also for the workers”, so its more demand. So performance is worth again, private consumption withering away for years is going to swing. To bring this permanent tax cut with the consolidation of public finances and the empty coffers of the social security system in line looks like almost a squaring of the circle. Impossible but this is not. The Silver bullet means growth.” So get even one percent growth in gross domestic product the future Treasury Secretary seven billion more tax revenues. This should be eliminated but also barriers in the labour market and allows for additional hiring. Ohovens tags are, among other things, reducing employment protection at EU level and allow for more business alliances. With more flexibility in tariff policy, employers and workers had already good experiences in recent years. This policy applies to continue it now.” Slowly recognizable economic lightening on the horizon again took the export sector Meanwhile, courage. Many observers assume that in the course of economic recovery export sales figures will again reach the level before the financial crisis. Economic standard models largely based this optimism. Olivier Godart, Holger Gorg and Dennis Gorlich, expert of the Kiel Institute for the world economy (IfW), warn the new Kiel policy letter Back to normal? “The future of global production networks after the crisis” but against too much optimism. Because the global production networks, on which the success of exporters are based, are drawn by the financial and economic crisis affected. Also, companies that once left the export markets, only at considerable cost recover access to the global production networks. The export sector is considered long-term and sustainable by the financial crisis affected, economic standard models suggest it.

GDP Amount

In Poland, after the pension reform are retired men aged 65 years and women – in 60 years. What does an increase in the retirement age? The higher the age, the greater the number of working and lower the number of pensioners. In addition, if, for example, in Ukraine to raise the retirement age by 5 years, during this time will be increased payments to the budget of the Pension Fund to employees and will not be pre-paid pension. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from pyur labs. In addition, high employment growth stimulates the growth of GDP. But this does not completely solve the problem.

Need something new – such as individual accounts. Such accounts are accumulated contributions from employees, for which annual interest is calculated. By the time the retirement age the accumulated amount in equal monthly added to the pension. It takes into account the average life expectancy. AND importantly – an incentive to work longer. Indeed, the longer deductible contributions, the greater the amount of pension. Meanwhile, in Poland on pension reform in Poland, told the ex-mayor of Warsaw, and Director analytical and Counseling Center Blue Ribbon UN's development in Ukraine, co-author of "Pension Reform: The Challenge for Ukraine", Marcin SVENCHITSKI.

The new Polish pension system came into force in early 1999 year. Today, the base for pension Polish citizens are transfers from the salary at the rate of 19.52%. Of the amount received 12.22% comes at the expense of Social Insurance, an analogue of the Pension Fund Ukraine, and the remaining 7.3% of the charges are cumulative basis of the system.