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Religion And Health

During large (worship), when hundreds and thousands of believers worship the immortal body, its weight varies from 100 grams – says Bimba Lama Dorje, the chief curator of the body. At this time of his abundant perspiration, clothing wet, especially under the armpits. We have to wipe the body xii th Hambo Lama Hudak. In total, according to tentative data, the incorruptible body bowed around half a million people. In January 2003 a teacher suddenly began to lose weight, and for glass, where he was, humidity reason for any high level of 96%. This lasted for three days, during which around puzzled over what to do. According Bimba Lama, weigh only once a month. Was extended period when the body loses weight and reached the lowest weight 39.600 kg.

However, over the past two and a half years it has stabilized at 40 kg. During the period from the date of extraction of a sarcophagus with a Hambo Lama September 2002, between the incorruptible body and its custodian to apply special svyaz.Naprimer Bimba Lama clearly feels the heat and light emitted by the body. Sometimes radiation is so sudden and strong that the keeper Trample, reminiscent of the weak charge of electric current. In addition, for Bimba Lama's vision became commonplace, recurring he most often during sleep or meditation. True, the content of visions Lama preferred to remain silent. Always believed that Itigelov in 1922 plunged to the ground four sacred vessel. There were stored jewelry, herbs, sacred things – to harmonize relations with the owner of the area.

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