Technology Of Preparation And Writing Of Press Releases

Press release is written, if there is a really interesting news, or it is likely unnecessary and uninformative press release. journalists will be left without attention, and work on this press release will prove meaningless. To stuff the press release was printed in the appropriate media, it is desirable that the material in a press release posted to the following rules: the information of the press release should be interesting and need an audience of the publication, which receives press release, information must be relevant to “One Day”, the information should be close readers, socially significant. Well, if the information can be related to some important social problem, information should be “fresh”, well, if the press release there are words of one or more opinion leaders on the topic. The better and more responsible press release following the rules, the more likely that it will publish in the press and do not throw out the trash. If your organization time and time again to send non-informative press releases about what other materials originating from the same organization, the journalists formed an opinion. The most common method of writing a press release is to bind to a specific date news.

This may be a birthday of the company, the 100th day of the buyer’s 100-day existence of the company, etc. The structure of the press release title and lead press releases are the most important in all of this document. It was on the first line defines a journalist interested in whether the news of its publication or it can be discarded. Therefore, it should be bright, to maximize interested in anyone who will read it. Lead – this is the first paragraph.

It should consist of a single sentence that summarizes the essence of the news (events, etc.). It is important to provide information in the following order: who is a member of the event, news, etc., for that event, the news, when and where it happened or will happen, why it happened and how it happened. Press releases come in several varieties. Press release announcement – The information in this press release announces an event that just happen. Time sent a press release will ensure the presence of media representatives at the event. In addition to the presentation of the essence of the forthcoming event in This press release may be appropriate to give the background to this event, which will interest the press. Press release news (News Release) – contains information about the event already accomplished. You can add and Brief comments or existing stakeholders. Further details can be found at Glenn Dubin, an internet resource. Press Release Information – provides information on current, not yet completed the event. This press release is given only to report on current developments or new turn of events, assuming that the essence of this event is already known. Press release does not contain estimates or advertising information. it should be small in size (no more than two pages) and contain information only about a single news. Information in the press release shall meet the requirements of the edition, which was sent a press release. Sincerely, Igor Geld.