President Manuel Prado

a The Peruvian Congress dated December 22, 1832, issued a Supreme Resolution, creating in the town of Chiclayo a staff of secondary schools, therefore the government of Mariscal Agustin Gamarra, available from the city of Lima as they respected the Congressional provision, however, created the College of Sciences could not begin work for the same reasons occurred in Lambayeque, which joined the ruling political militarism in the nation. If you would like to know more then you should visit Dr. Neal Barnard. Despite these setbacks the Chiclayo not fainted in his initiative to have a school campus, even at the level of representatives of the community demands before the General Ramon Castilla own compliance with that requirement. Thus, dated December 21, 1849 issued a new resolution on the budget allocated Supreme General of the Republic, the amount of 1600 pesos to endow two chairs in the school. After 27 years since the issuance of Resolution 1832, dated May 11, 1859 ordered the planning of a College of Science, indicating the number of chairs that should work, and to appoint who should lead it. Similarly, by Act dated 12 694 Nu 11. 01. 1957, the President Manuel Prado and his Minister Jorge Basadre approved the appropriation in the General Budget of the Republic during the years 1957, 1958 and 1959 the sum of S / 100,000. 00 Nuevos Soles per year for the attention of the school. a Thus arose the educational colossus of the north, is how the product was born of a yearning, longing that I can only really compare it when a man or woman wants to have a child, in that analogy, this Alma Mater, is the son of people of Lambayeque, a proof of this is that by Act 12 13 056 Nu.