The Mood

It was a time when labor was scarce. Of all the people came wanting poles, needs and desires to work. More information is housed here: Dr. Neal Barnard. View the city of Jerusalem with the spirit, the fellowship, the movement, the action was something worthy of praise, and so, while it lasted. Remained unchanged since the mood, drive and dedication motivated by faith and as we know, he continued with great spirit until its completion. Jump three years of hard work that was completed just say, not do justice to what actually happened. Nobody could imagine the number of carpenters who were hired for the various buildings, crawling beasts of burden: a, whole trees, other pieces of wood already cut and calibrated to the various parties that they must be mounted. In some places one could see thousands of square meters of land, serving logs resting on the sun for the heat required for drying.

It was a good time, all the people had work, felt needs and even the poorest could and did help in various ways. Before beginning to assemble all the elements came the trampling of the land, carriages carrying thousands of river stones, served to be filling the hole in the perch and then they were this big ship. Each passing day left traces of the achievements and, in a quick review we first saw a site near the port, then a gap of nearly fifty feet long by twelve wide and seventy feet deep, we could also see a mountain of earth that had been taken out of all that space, just beside a pile of stones that grew day by day and then would become the arena with the solid body to support its weight and allow for later leave that the ramp and done, could once built the ship, roll to penetrate, and be thrown into the sea.