Visual Function In Children

Before you define the vision for such a child, you should bring it to the table and check whether he calls the drawings. Please keep in mind that children’s attention is quickly exhausted. Visual functions of children’s eyes have a long gestation period. For children three years of visual acuity can 0,2-0,3 considered normal, for four-year, it is 0.6, and by the time they start school visual acuity of the child reaches 0,7-0,8. If the child is not able to distinguish at a distance equal to 5 m, the first line of the table, that is, his vision less than 0.1, then you should show him the finger at different distances. Ability to count fingers at a distance of each meter is considered as 0.02: said fingers at one meter – 0.02, with two – 0,04, with three – 0.06, with four – 0,08. If a child does not objective view, and he is not able to distinguish between his fingers, and only sees the hand of his face – the sharpness of his vision is 0,001.

If the child does not distinguish between even light, his vision is zero (0) if there is light perception, visual acuity regarded as 1. How to determine whether the baby sees? To do this we must verify whether it responds to the pupil directed at him a bright light electric torch. In one month of age the child usually watches moving at a distance of 20-40 cm from the eye subjects.