Verbal History

The importance of Verbal History as identitria source deum people: one has rescued of the memory Antonio Robert Xavier1 SUMMARY: In this article, at a first moment, I argue aimportncia of verbal history as historical subsidiary and complementary source for apesquisa. This type of source is boarded in the perspective dahistoriografia traditional and collated with the point of view of the New Histria.Em as a moment, boarding the question of the historical research as one persistentee untiring work of consultation and exploration of the most diversified fontescom the objective to reach the intended reality. Finally, I analyze memriacomo one of the most important sources that provides time and voice to that, aolongo of the time, had been oppressed, forgotten, menosprezados or dimmed to pelopoder of the ruling class that always tried to impose its alienable lines of direction. Words keys: History, verbal history, source, memory. ABSTRACT: In this article, first of all, explain the importance of the verbal history assubsidiary source and complementary will be the historical research.

This kind ofsource is explained in perspective of traditional historiography andcomparing the point of view of the new history. In second moment, explain theissue of historical research the goal a persistent and tireless work of consultationand exploration of the most varied source with the you reach the intendedreality. Finally, in analyze the memory one of the most important sourcethat provides opportunities and voice those that, have been oppressed forgottenjustified by to power of dominant group of society that always tried you forceits alienable directresses. Keywords: History, verbal history, source, memory