Universal Time

Crossing an invisible barrier, I go to its direction. My strained arms touch you softly. I obtain to feel beating of its body in the tips of my fingers. My hands in the height of its shoulders run for its seios and in a stronger touch, they penetrate in its body. Its skin seems that if preparation of manioc meal and its seios already do not exist, is for brings, and I continue in a trip route to its soul.

But I do not go ahead in its physical body and reach its etreo body. In this instant, I feel my being all to vibrate together with its and in one to communicate without words, joined in a jump we leave this denser world and arrive at a parallel dimension completely differentiated. While we float in this new space, it has an intense linking with you, but in level of conscience, since its form now is equivalent to a small cloud that reluz for where it passes together with me. When I think about to ask you, where go and where we are? What it is happening? I feel come of you an energy that fills all my lacks it silences and me. The moment is to feel and to learn! An active world with countless beings, all with the same aspects that we.

E we are joined in a thought form that supplies to answers to the sensations and necessities, as soon as we take knowledge of them. All on ones at the same time, but only beings in its desires Universal individuals! A egrgora prevails of desire of knowledge and exists an ecstasy without precedents A joy without comparison of a harmony reality and wisdom In way to the landscapes that I go admiring, I notice its absence Seconds had been transferred and you appear That gostoso to feel its presence affectionate friend and. But she distracts soon me enters the millions of consciences, as that in a symbiosis, connected between itself. Fluam ideas of a clarified place more and did not exist uncertainties or fears, but yes the necessity and the desire of each time more to increase the knowledge of the community where we were at that moment. But so that this either a reality and this desire of more concrete wisdom either, these same consciences are spread for the spaces in the infinite universe taking the creation and the desire to know. I have the certainty that we are part of this everything He would like to tell what I see What I feel next to the emotions, but they lack words to me in my current language and lack comparative degrees in my mind to describe with allegiance this reality. I leave you my partner, the possibility for minim that is, to expand its mental perceptions and to distinguish a fraction from what we live and we feel in this informal stroll. But I can affirm that nothing you are comparable here to be able to explain! As One minute One hour A thousand years How much time let us stow together, who knows? I do not know. The time is another one when if it abandons our terrena dimension. I call for you in thoughts and you it assented with a vibration more candy. We come back in a way reverse Already I feel my fingers; my hands on its body and I go moving away to me I woke up, April the eyes It is a new day! Until the next experience