The cleaner your soul is forgiveness. You will have to use it all the time, just you see an impurity, apply it. We are very fortunate when it still allows us to be in this dimension, take minutes, hours, years and we care to maximize them, feeding our personal and spiritual growth. Wonderful is when we reflect in everything what we have experienced and passed the tests, more when we have obtained knowledge, authentic, that invite us to be better every day. The truth, which in this walk, there are those who have been awake and contributed their thoughts, product of his reflections, of its bogar and that legan them us sharing your messages that according to our level of growth that we already have, we benefit in more enliven our flame that illuminates this path that we must follow in pro d our evolution.

So have the following thoughts, which is shared with the reader of this writing: embracing the Tao, you will be embraced. Easily, smoothly, you’ll be as reborn. Clarifies your vision, you will be illuminated. It feeds your compassion, thou shalt be impartial. Open your heart, you will be accepted. Accepting the world you hug the Tao. Holding and feeding, creating but not possessing, giving without asking, controlling without authority, that is the virtue.

The best of men is similar to the water, which benefits all things, without being contained by any, flows through places that others disdain, where faster approaching the Tao. People begin to be happy when she is able to laugh at itself. Laugh of the good things that happen to you. Laugh openly so that everyone can spread your joy. Don’t fold by the problems. If you try to convince you that you’re OK, gonna finish convincing you that really are, and so less when you think you’re going to feel really good.