The Police

For Gury, would suffice to return the water to the dam by pumps that use gas, thus could recover up to 70% of the water during the months of drought. Of course we should hire foreign experts to give maintenance to the systems we possess and implement new production of current, either solar or wind same as in Holland and other European countries. Security: we have reached an untenable situation that requires radical solutions. We must implement the police point, and each block is responsible for paying the cost. This would on one hand, security in the area, on the other would add a hundred thousand new jobs.

Motivate with rewards for good amount, which help correct with respect to trafficking in drugs, I with the arrest of some criminals. Hospitals, you should get a real estimate of the costs of a private hospital after having determined their true income. Employers must provide a 10% monthly, based on the income of their employees and other costs, it should be assumed by the government, including doctors and medicines. This would lower costs dramatically labor and insurance costs, generate two three extra hours in the care of patients would be taken by physicians needs and desires of the public service. Social security should be divided into two entities, one dealing with pensions and other more effectively, to ensure that all hospitals be attended by one hundred percent of the population, with the north, creating specialized centers for who are these that send simple treatments, hospitalization or cures.