Plastic Windows

Unfortunately, the fogging of windows often spoils the mood of their respective owners and causes them to doubt that they made the right choice by ordering a box from a particular manufacturer. Shoppers treat claims in the company who installed the windows, demanding an explanation and immediate elimination of these shortcomings, although the causes of the condensation on windows, can be quite different. Let us examine them in detail. Poor quality glass or delicate point is that single-chamber glass has a higher thermal conductivity compared with double-glazed energy-efficient or. Therefore, it is stronger cooled in the winter, which lowers the temperature at the inner surface of the glass and, as a consequence – to the formation of condensate.

Or, for example, poorly made glazed windows, while not airtight, may also cause sweating it. Therefore, at the stage of an order, choose plastic windows that will meet the temperature conditions in which they are to be used for many years. Faulty installation when you install plastic windows installers have done their work badly, and this applies particularly to a device mounting the joint, as a result we also obtain an excessive cooling window construction. And although this is not the cause of condensation is the most common, at the order window is best to proven professionals who have in this business a great experience and well versed in mounting technology. Wide Ordering sill sill, which completely covers the width of the radiator, you risk to break the normal circulation of warm air in the area of the window block. In other words, the temperature at the surface of the window will be below the required, which is why it is also possible condensation.

During the measurement, as well as installation of windows and window sills should consider this fact in order to provide effective convection of warm air. Limitations Insufficient ventilation system ventilated room may also lead to fogging of plastic windows. Check all vents and extractor fans in the house, regularly ventilate the room by opening windows. in this. Since the windows are PVC profile sealed in and of themselves worsen air space, the more often you'll open them, the lower the humidity in the room. When buying plastic boxes at a bargain price Make sure you have the function "mikroprovetrivaniya", which allows you to comfortably freshen the air in the apartment. The high humidity of the room check the moisture level in the room with the help of special instruments. If it is too high, and should be regularly aired (which is very useful for the health of everyone living in the apartment). Normal humidity is only 50-55%, exceeding that rate often leads to formation of moisture not only on the windows, but also for items of furniture or walls. A large number of flowers on the windowsill can also contribute to the formation of condensation, because the plants produce abundant moisture. If your findings windows "sweat", do not rush around to blame the company that engaged in their manufacture and installation. First check the humidity level, make a normal ventilation, remove the excessive amount of colors sill. It is quite possible your problem will be solved much faster than you thought.