Death Death is a word that surrounds us daily and it is always with us all and that does not rest until we are in his hands and when it does not get tired and is looking more and always have the luck and power to meet and be able to catch us, that is death. When mentioning the death many of us cringe but very few the people who likes to talk about death and so many people do not like to talk of death and that's a word that few people like to mention and take their vocabulary for some people the word death or something that has to do with death is prohibited. The death in the street in the street's death is a routine they know that every day is a challenge that we live every day in order to be sure we can hang out street without us death trap is a challenge that many can kiss avoid but we can not overcome. And be sure that when we come back from the streets we be sure that death no grip at home and know it and as witness that only God knows. Death and his friends and derivatives derived from death are more powerful than in life that are more enticing and more visible and easier to get that death does not like having to work so much easier and puts everything he has given us "free." And stemming from the death are: (drugs, alcohol, fights and problems, but one of the largest part of the larger cause, derivatives are the souls of fire).

And as to maintain a relationship with death if we want to get us out of the world we love so much and many do not want to leave. What after death? Well many say that after death there is another life but we're not so sure we say that there are very few who have returned from it and tell us in the Bible says that men who had returned from death and lived in flesh and bones is Jesus that men were still alive in our spirit and Job was the other who was a believer in the law of God and a preacher of the Word of God. And if after death there is another life that we do not want to lose the life we have and do not want to visit death and have a tremendous anguish and desire not to die of not dying and having their lives forever. .