Following Instincts

We affirm that we see with what distinguishes us as "the specific observer are" individual human beings. This way of seeing things is as important as dramatic scope for personal development. With the things, many (if not all) our problems must be resolved, has to dissolve. It's that simple. If we do not exist ….. Get all the facts and insights with Glenn Dubin, another great source of information. do not exist. Far from being a sentence statement last strategic simplistic design is based on a constructivist ontological and deeply human.

A conception that allows us to generate revolutionary changes facing personal our personal development at all levels of our existence. In short, we can live happier and peaceful, more fulfilled and realized in communion and harmony with the environment. This way of seeing things is very beneficial implications for all of us. First, it makes us responsible for ourselves. It allows us to live life according to the script written by us and we agree to write others. How many times have we said: "My wife will not let me ……"," my professional level does not allow me ….", "….. if I had had." These statements are not reflecting reality, they are talking about that says "tell me how to judge and tell you how look ".

We can be happy. We can achieve our goals personal, family, business …. in order. Human beings are fully capable of living the life that each one was made and not just the life we lived ". we fail to act according to scripts Agen, then follow our own guidance. That, in itself, gives happiness. I did and I do every day. I managed to get up in the morning to live in a world that does not exist, I build day. (though it seems ludicrous, this view allowed me to quit smoking in 10 minutes after smoking 25 cigarettes a day for 35 years !!!). I offer my readers disinterested support and advice to dissolve (rather than solving ) its problems. You can write to and help them with advice and material to achieve a successful life and peace through personal development. (and I can teach you quit!). Leave me a comment on my page, which sincerely grateful. L. Gajardo.