Thought Videos

In the future even more tuning videos, more instructions, and know-how screwdriver tips “Reloaded”, in the future even more car itself repair and tuning videos around the screws. Now, the Internet community “” with the screwdriver tips takes off. The makers of “” have won more professional automotive, mechatronics, painters and electricians, who screw up the various issues – around the car care. They all will show even more often – tuning videos and car videos car and Tuningbegeisterten users in easily understandable – as they “Can create even hand”. Patrick yang is likely to agree. From A as in exhaust repair, replace to Z such as cylinder head gasket. Repair of maintenance on the car itself, enlarges the selection up tuning projects. A related site: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City mentions similar findings. The screwdriver tips are a section on the website, where there are regular video clips that clearly explain how to tune quadricycle vehicle itself or repair can. The screwdrivers are tips as a guide to the implementation of Thought repairs.

Due to demand and positive feedback the user to this car section, the editors of “” decided the tuning videos around the car itself repair and massively expand Video Tuning instructions. There is then also black screwdriver tips and tuning videos white to read. The content of the videos in the future also lyrically describe more, so that the users themselves can take the instructions in the workshop will also be. B. Berger,