Business Lawyers

Those who are interested in the studies in business law, here is a good overview of Studeinhalte, the degree and career opportunities as a business lawyer when the studies in business law at universities of applied sciences in Germany was introduced in 1993 for the first time, had still not look down, whether the graduates would be accepted by the companies in the sector. About 17 years later it is clear that a good integration into the higher education and also working landscape has managed the studies in business law. Business lawyers occupy many positions in small, medium-sized and international companies and groups. What are content in the study? What awaits the graduates for a professional world? Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. For assistance, try visiting Dr. John Mcdougall. Studies in business law: Studying the course grew out of the demand for a new species workers: the lawyers who are familiar with business administration or the Administration, which has elementary knowledge in the area of the law. Accordingly taught in the law studies content from two areas of expertise. Include, for example, courses such as business administration economics controlling cost / management accounting accounting contract law commercial law civil law tax law and much more.

Business law now only as a Bachelor’s and master’s degree is offered in Germany. There are over 50 courses in this country. Studies in business law: Where to find information? Such a large number of courses at German universities it isn’t easy, to find out in detail and independently about the studies in business law. The course portal business law study is one of the larger Web portals, which deals with the study programme. In addition to testimonials from students, especially the large database of all courses is at a glance in the Center. There are other ways of information at the Federal Association of commercial lawyers by universities of applied sciences ( or at Wikipedia ( Studies in business law: The career prospects of business lawyers stand up many doors. The activities are varied and range from an expert for media law project manager at big corporate mergers and acquisitions. Depending on the focus, you can bet in the course, prepared the law student on the vocational fields suitable to him composed. More fields and occupations can be found including: industrial, commercial and service companies consulting firms business associations, financial institutions and banks public administrations undertaking the studies in business law provides so in a variety of industries interesting perspectives.