Stuttgart Berlin

7 Opix customer conference in Cologne, Stuttgart and Stuttgart Berlin, August 17, 2010 – six open systems GmbH, a leading provider of enterprise content management and enterprise media asset management systems organized the 7th Opix customer conference in the cities of Cologne, Stuttgart and Berlin and gives you the opportunity to inform themselves fully about the new version of Opix media city (SixOMC) users and other interested parties. Parallel, the release of SixOMC 9.2 will be available at the beginning of the series of events from the end of September. On the agenda the 7th Opix customer conference are as central themes the idea of the main new feature of version SixOMC 9.2 on the basis of a live demonstration, as well as the roadmap for the further development and integration of the two product lines SixOMC and the enterprise content management system SixCMS. Discussions and opportunities for the personal exchange between the participants, speakers and staff of six open systems round off the event. The first Opix customer conference held on 28 September in Cologne, Germany. The two other events in Stuttgart and Berlin are planned for September 30 and October 12. Participation at the 7 six Opix customer conference series is free for customers as well as for those interested. Detailed information on the agenda, registration and the venue are available online at events/customer Conference..