Research Institute Thilo Sarrazin

Publisher: growth trend Research Institute Thilo Sarrazin, until now in the Executive Board of the Bundesbank, opposes most German politicians. They mean to save Germany from the Taliban in Afghanistan. Sarrazin found a new source of danger to Germany: the Arab and Turkish immigrants with Islamic background. Due to this fear he now no longer has the cash, he is one of the head-scarf girls”. Much to the annoyance of politics more and more people count! Sarrazin is around sociological issues in the manner of an accountant. As well as creative”accountants create their balance sheets, he combined the numbers and terms and tried with Combinatorial thinking, the fears to justify a threat to Germany. Such thinking operations are however not new in postmodernism.

Since many sociologists have ceded their profession in favour of pollsters and statisticians, various ideologies are fabricated in this way. But can a religion nor the genetics as the cause for a threat of in Germany be made out as the provocation by Sarrazin would suggest it us. There is another source but the threat that I would describe as a case of integration. The German company tried to provide individual life design in place of tradition and religion, in order to strengthen freedom towards a collective orientation and sense making in the last forty years. A father-related authoritarian education was abolished, supports women’s equality. Not so with most Turkish and Arab migrants. As the tradition and the patriarchal moral claim remained mostly unchanged. A such static position makes impossible integration. Because the policy continued until today not enough with this question apart, Sarrazin can use the integration trap as a provocation. “On the subject of a reasonable consideration of genetic research see also the press release by the author: PAL Dragos: there is yet a cure the incurable diseases”? dated 20th 07th 2007 under in “the rubric: more press releases”.

Russian Medical Journal

There is nothing more difficult than to make an objective self-assessment of their views, actions, conscience, and spiritual purity. But not doing so, we can not require others to respect for themselves and through themselves and the State in which live. Only overcome a wall of a universal malice towards others, stepping on the path of moral justice, we can achieve the purity of social relations, to avoid violent and self-control to achieve economic prosperity. Otherwise, the expression "every nation deserves its government" will be embodied in its ugliest form, that's for nine years have seen almost all of the newly formed independent former Soviet states. What's so quiet here: the destruction is in full swing not only the economy but also of human souls. Among all the human "values" today in the first place is the freedom of dishonesty, criminality, hypocrisy, moral and intellectual impoverishment. But what is there to wonder if the head of state are people with physically unhealthy body, which is directly connected with their mental abilities.

After among health care workers above-average rank has long been known expert opinion of cardiologists (and if you still do not know, I suggest that you read S. Berreklow Cerebral complications after coronary bypass surgery," in Russian Medical Journal, Volume 5, 16, August, 1997., P. 1057) that "after revascularization, patients are extremely prone to stroke, encephalopathy and other neurological disorders, because they are quite old and suffering atherosclerosis. " In addition, they have "independent predictors of brain damage was excessive use of alcohol in the past, prior coronary artery bypass surgery and arrhythmia," which entails a "re-occurring deterioration of intellectual function, confusion, agitation, disorientation, memory impairment, or seizure without evidence of focal lesions." Here and there second rhetorical question: what will be our development in these leaders? And who, besides ourselves, will break this vicious circle of bad luck befell Russia? And this can only happen if each of us and all together we can recognize the need to reconsider their attitude to life.