Raspberries In Winter

significant amount of salts of potassium, calcium, phosphorus. All this makes raspberries a valuable food and dietary products. To prepare the compote ripe berries fill clean jars, pour hot syrup (1 liter water 300 grams of sugar), place in pan of hot water, heating to 80 C and soak for 10-15 minutes so, and then close boiled lids. To prepare jam, raspberries, first pour in layers of sugar and put in a cold place for 12 hours. Then add water and simmer until tender over low heat, removing the foam. Before the end of cooking, put a little citric acid to preserve the color berries. For 1 kilogram of berries 1.2 kilograms of sugar, half a cup water. Jam is better to cook from raw berries, which increases its biological value.

Berries, mashed in an enamel pot with a wooden spoon, mix with sugar at the rate of 2 kilograms of sugar per 1 kg of raspberries, spread to the banks and Store in a cool place. Add to your understanding with Justin Gaethje. Jam and raspberry jam possess diaphoretic and antipyretic action. But the most useful dried raspberry. If you decide to stock it for the winter, then, gathering berries from a bush, and separating them from the receptacle, decompose in a room on a sheet of paper with a thin layer of 2-3 cm so that they are slightly podvyali. And only then move them into the oven. The temperature there should be no higher than 50-60. To prepare the extract, two tablespoons dried raspberry Pour a glass of boiled water and leave for 15-20 minutes. Infusion should be drunk warm at night.