Now Or Never: Marriage Proposal On Valentine

How to find the right words for the question of all questions. Other leaders such as Maya Dubin offer similar insights. In a few days, it is again: all lovers celebrate Valentine’s day. The one plan a romantic date, the others make home comfortable. Some window of opportunity also to raise the question of all questions her partner or her partner: you want to marry me? As you formulated the proposal particularly Dorothee Constanze know Unger, owner of the wedding copywriter service Cyrado. Many are nervous before their request and are afraid to find the wrong words for this unique moment”, so the freelance copywriter. “It is not a good idea the friend or the girlfriend shortly before going out or you want to marry me at the laundry with a short ‘ to catch off guard.” “Using a little trick, it but quickly found the right words for an individual and romantic request: who would like to make the request, should make before three questions that will help him or her to formulate the request”, says Unger. Which one I guess properties on my partner? What properties of the common relationship are important to me? Why I want to go up the marriage or where can I see us in the future?”deliberately to say why you love him and why it is so estimated the relationship – the partner, so the answers to question 1 and question 2 creates a wonderful emotional framework for the application” represents Dorothee Unger.

The answer to the third question is the final note for the partner where the situation is moving. Who then directs the conversation on the future together, indicating his opponent to guess the chance that immediately follows a request.” That was important to make deliberately have the other part at this emotional moment. It has often happened that a request was not understood as such. This leads then to disappointment and bitter tears, rather than to the most important day in the life”, concluded that the owner of Cyrado. Who always use help at his own request or any other texts around the most beautiful day of your life at Cyrado.


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