Given the length of time that the disease has existed, it seems strange that science still is not close to find a cure for HIV. Conspiracy theorists claim that the cure exists, but that it is hidden by pharmaceutical companies or Governments that only are interested in achieving gains and eliminate most undesirable elements of the population. Strange that seems, only there is a viral disease that has medical treatment which is hepatitis C and in some cases cannot be cured completely. Other diseases by viruses are different, some kill rapidly as the ebola virus, are easily cured as the common cold, permanently remain in the body as it is the case of herpes or have preventive vaccines such as measles. To know more about this subject visit Milwaukee Brewers. Since HIV hides in the DNA of human cells for long duration, it makes it a particularly difficult to tackle problem. We must also remember that the majority of the other chronic diseases common in developed countries, are also incurable but treatable. For example, diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, heart failure, arthritis; None of them is curable but all with manageable (including some not covered as easily as HIV). Someday, maybe not in this generation, managed to find a cure for HIV, but meanwhile, is a mistake considering the cure as the only means for success. In the last 15 years seen as HIV passed from fatal and incurable illness into a chronic, manageable disease for which treatment has become increasingly simple and will be easier in the coming years. A cure will be a scientific discovery without precedent, but until this happens, must be happy to have a successful treatment unprecedented.