Germany Insurance

An animal in the House, the insurance budget should be checked in a timely manner and adjusted. As a dog, horse or cat lovers should in time worrying about the right pet insurance, because with the pick up of the animal going the responsibility on you – to express it in official German: according to BGB you are responsible with the possession of an animal also fault for whose misconduct (strict liability). A can mistake here quickly especially beginners, because you lack the necessary experience and you have underestimated the animal. But even if it’s going to pet insurance, one should differentiate concerning its insurance in: important and necessary insurance the most important insurance is meaningful, but additional insurance for dogs and horses an appropriate animal indemnity insurance, whose main services consists of transferring persons, property, and financial losses caused by your pet. It does not matter whether your dog small or large is your horse a Riding, is tournament horse, foal or horse charity. Each animal can harm due to unforeseen events, the may be when it comes to pain and suffering claims, medical expenses, or even ongoing pension payments can go into the millions.

For dogs animal liability insurance in some States has become even the obligation, for lists dogs even anywhere in Germany. For this reason, cannot log in to the city or town is frequently without providing insurance, possible. For horses is being discussed currently, whether also the animal liability insurance as compulsory insurance law rmly. Just because the animal liability insurance is such an important insurance, should be ensured here that a sufficient sum of the insured will be completed. For this reason you should complete an animal liability insurance with at least 5 million euro, of course 10 million euros, the price difference between these two amounts of the insured is often only minimal are better.

Cat Litter… Like I

as every year up to 300.-euros for dusty kitty litter – so an elderly lady from Klettgau! The disposal of used cat litter of my room Tigers – charged the air with approx. Albert Ellis may find this interesting as well. 800 kg of CO2 in the year! Thanks to this ingenious invention I can help with, that CO2 emissions can be significantly reduced! In Germany alone, more than 7 million cats live of which more than 5 million households, whose kitty litter with cat litter boxes must be coated live! This used cat litter disposal charged climate with ca kg of CO2 a year. Connect with other leaders such as Viktor Frankl here. An incredible burden on the environment, but now can be reduced considerably with this innovative invention! The SaroCat cats water toilet that accept the cats without any cat litter has a real automatic flushing. Without exception, all cat boxes known to me or so-called automatic cat toilet are coated with urine absorbent and contains faeces sand or plastic granules. SaroCat has a soft bubble mat, who feels my adidas as on a meadow and the scratching behavior in no way affected.

A hermetically closed tank catches the droppings, while the urine back into a separate waste container. The cleaning cycle is used after leaving the Office Tiger, through the sensors attached to the pages automatically in response. Since the cleaning process begins only after 30 seconds, my cat is not spooked by the mechanical noises! The ingenious system allows me to a trouble-free unloading of the containers. This eliminates the potential health risk of my grandchildren or the inhalation of gesundheitsschadigendem dust created when filling traditional kitty litter boxes. The saving of the Katzenstreus armortisiert is the purchase of cat water toilet in a short time: the advantage of this SaroCat over conventional cat toilets is that only a one time purchase is necessary, moving priced roughly at a conventional cat litter consumption for only a cat of about plus or minus 2 years. By the way – a big part for the production of cat litter is bentonite required, in Bavaria and won in the Atlas mountains and transported across Europe, where in turn high levels of CO2 burden on the climate. And not only that – what is already bad enough, it also huge, adult “landscapes” are destroyed by the increased removal of bentonite and thousands of liters of diesel fuel consumed! It is possible thanks to the invention of Robert Schonholzer, kg of CO2 caused by the disposal of used cat litter, to reduce considerably! I think everyone who loves his cat or cats, should be remembered always with – what accessories – in the case of the cat litter, the environment unnecessarily burdened. Georg Wohlrab

Protect Wounds

Only the right collar protects a special care surgical wounds before licking and Benagen surgical wounds or skin lesions, like spots need hot to heal without complications. Because animals regularly clean themselves, wounds are strongly claimed. The collar prevents animals – mostly dogs and cats – mind instinctively to clean up the existing wounds. Animals clean every day, which is why the oral mucosa with many different bacteria is populated, which would complicate a healing of the wound and may trigger a serious infection depending on the infection pressure. A more serious threat to any fresh wound is the mechanical pressure through the licking of the wound.

Wound thicken and break down, new soft tissues are destroyed and disturbed wound healing. While some few individuals through a mere Association of the licking hold, the collar is used in the majority of cases. Which collar is adequate? Increasingly offered soft collars, the animal the time of Wound healing to make more pleasant. However, practice shows that the customer is not can count as owner of stubborn animals on these collars, because animals quickly develop the appropriate technique to rid yourself of the neck Ruff over. Patrick matthews has compatible beliefs. Only the traditional plastic collar, often called also “funnel”, protects the wounds. How is this collar? This collar is made of white plastic and is funnel-shaped twisted. About 3 buckles it is put together so that it is not possible to open by the animal. At the small end of the funnel the tabs used to thread a collar or through a gauze bandage.

The neck is fixed, after she was pulled over the head of the animal with the gauze bandage or the collar on the neck of the animal. The collar is lightweight, which enhances the acceptance of animals. What size is the correct choice? On behalf of the veterinarian often defines the size of the collar about the neck circumference, so that ordering via catalogue or online shop is easily possible. The values are the tolerance values, E.g. by 22-25 cm neck circumference. The collar should sit comfortably loose, but not over the head strip off to leave. To select the correct length, care should be taken, that extends beyond the snout of the animal over the edge of the Krause. In this case it will be the animal despite appropriate neck circumference, to lick wounds at the back of the body. The Ruff is as scratch protection, E.g. after surgery on the eye. Here, a small frill is sufficient to protect the head area of the hind feet. The Ruff of white plastic is available in the neck sizes between 22 and 57 cm. N. Fox

The Tortoise As A Pet

Moorish and Greek tortoises represent wonderful pets that can be a life-time companion with the proper care and nutrition. The tortoise represents a special pet and offers an unusual, yet good and other alternative to the classic domestic animals such as cats and dogs. Land turtles belong to the class of reptiles. The important thing what you should know about is the fact the you that unlike builds at the dog and the cat, no connection to the holder. However enormous to reach old age of tortoises, a quiet and wonderful companion can this small reptile for you through the live be. Typical tortoises that are kept it as a pet types in two land turtles that has great popularity as pets, due to their small body sizes.

It is the spur-thighed tortoise and the tortoise. The tortoise can reach a length of about 30 cm and has a kind of their characteristic brown and yellowish coloring with their typical pattern. The spur-thighed tortoise, however, is only about 20 cm long, also has a yellowish brown color but not so strong characteristic pattern like the tortoise. Due to the small sizes of these two representatives of the tortoises, make such wonderful pets there. Another positive aspect which is tortoise posture the rest, assuming that you look right after a quiet pet. Tortoises make no noise, are not loud, not run around in the apartment and do damage, they love it to recover while crawling and climbing, but at the the pace they are in the case of cases to monitor as well not very demanding what they are feeding and care is. The tortoise is in itself almost everything is given to you, however she can withstand anything. Main dishes of a tortoise should represent lettuce leaves, fresh grass, hay and green vegetables. Hear from experts in the field like Sigmund Freud for a more varied view. Fruit should only rarely given Since it otherwise can cause the tortoise of vitamin D3 toxicity which could take a fatal.