Rhodesian Ridgeback FCI Breed From South Africa

Red a breed recognized by the FCI in South Africa (FCI Group 6) Stud dog in DZRR VDH/FCI Rhodesian Ridgeback which is Rhodesian Ridgeback wheaten Caroline Rhodesian Ridgeback. The breed is used for hunting big game, but kept as a guard dog and family pet. Rhodesian Rigdebacks being used as hunting dogs for the trails – and welding work, alsMantrailer or rescue dogs. They are suited for dog sports such as agility, obedience or coursing. The FCI standard describes Rhodesian Ridgebacks as “dignified, intelligent, strangers to restrained, but without any sign of aggression or shyness”. Description a Rhodesian Rigdeback is 63 to 69 inches tall (at the withers) and weighs approximately 42.5 kg. Females are approximately 36 kg for up to 66 cm. The dogs are muscular, with a chest deep up to the elbow.

The neck is long, wheat color the coat short, dense, smooth and light wheat color to red. Some dogs have a white hair on the chest or toes. FCI standard should be a Rhodesian Ridgeback have dark eyes with black nose or amber eyes with Brown nose. The ears are attached to the head, set on high and medium. The ridge is a comb from the shoulder until almost the end of the Ridge, where the fur grows opposite the normal direction of the hair growth.

He is a distinctive characteristic of the breed. Origin and history of the Rhodesian Ridgeback is the only recognised breed of dog that comes from South Africa. They tracked the wild over long distances, warned of dangers. They were used later by the colonial rulers to guard their farms and to hunt lions and other large game. Their task was to track wild game and to tie until the hunters spot were on the square.