Restricted Environmental Area: Free Ride With Particulate Filters From The Internet

Ruckwartsauktionshaus provides aftermarket parts for a clean ride in the city great wall city, motorists have 21 April 2008 free ride in the green zones of German cities, if they do advance in the Internet at station. They get everything they need for the sustainable retrofit of your car with Germany’s first Ruckwartsauktionshaus of automotive parts, accessories and tuning parts. Bobby Green has compatible beliefs. Hope there, but otherwise useless. “” And Dodge is also not much longer, because there are more and more such zones “which describes Teilehaber founder Philipp Packheiser challenge environmental zone”, motorists need to these days. Since the beginning of the year Germany 12 cities due to high fine dust loads were designated as environmental zones, 33 more are in planning and 44 additional considered candidates.

Here, only vehicles with an environmental badge may drive. There are the round sticker in red, yellow and green depending on which pollutant group the vehicle belongs. For all vehicles, which get no plaque due to high emission levels, the environmental zones, however, are off-limits. Who is caught without a badge, paid fines and a point in the Flensburg transport offender cards with 40 euro. “Motorists can save the hassle and the cost is, if they retrofit your car with modern emissions technology and there is a better this pollutant group and in the best case, a green plaque achieved”, Packheiser encourages not only owners of older vehicles.

Because there is a need for all, as the running-in prohibitions will be exacerbated in the next few years and may soon only vehicles with green badge at the environmental zone. For gasoline and diesel vehicles, there are a wide variety of aftermarket solutions: cold run rule systems an OXI -, add-on or upgrade-Kat to particulate filters. With us, every motorist takes the right part, for over 250 dealers provide a wide range. The parts are cheaper than about the normal trade, because our Portal works according to the principle of the reverse auction. “In other words: the dealer undercut the price and the Teilesuchende chooses the best offer”, Packheiser refers to the benefits of A dealer should do however the installation of the retrofit Kit which is entitled to carry out the emission testing. It is then also the badge out. Investing in a low-emission car worth not only facing the environment and own mobility, but also financially. So to get back 330 euros by the State for diesel vehicles for the installation of a particle filter and also the car tax is cheaper. is the first German-speaking Ruckwartsauktionshaus of automotive parts, accessories and tuning parts. Replacement part seekers submit their demand for the desired part via the Internet platform, wait how beaten to traders with their offerings and finally decide for the best deal. Registration fees and There are no member contributions on the owners of part of, only for successful sales, sellers pay a small Commission. Premium dealer benefit offerings as its own mini home page for a small fee. Buying and selling of spare parts through works simply, quickly and safely.