Progress Optimization

It is going to you to happen. You can wait for it. You want or no, it is part of the process. Viktor Frankl: the source for more info. And it is important to accept it, so that you can optimize your progress. To what I talk about? To that you are going away to leave the way. You are going away to turn aside.

And that is well. I show it to you with one of my favorite metaphors: the flight of an airplane between two points. You knew that an airplane, once it takes off and until it lands, is going to pass 95% of the time outside course? The pilot, before leaving, prepares the flight and defines a plan with the intention to move of optimal way between origin and destiny. The flight plan marks an airway accurately to follow. But he is only that, an expectation. The reality of the process is another one. Ever since the airplane takes off, we say that of the city of Caracas, until it lands in Miami, for example, the pilot is going to find that it is turned aside constantly of the ideal way that has seted out.

It is that a wind comes that had not been anticipated and this one pushes the ship. The airplane begins to turn aside itself of the air line virtually drawn up in the air. Kilometers more it advanced, a change of atmospheric pressure induces other variations in the trajectory. Thus and constantly during the passage of the flight, the airplane moves and it leaves course. How it is that a ship that passes 95% of the time outside course manages to land, three hours later in our example, exactly in the destiny that had determined? What allows to the airplane &quot him; to give in blanco" even though it does not manage to stay for a long time in his flight line? One of the keys: to correct.