Management AG

Study of the transformation Management AG among top companies provides benchmarks for professional handling of future executives in Munich / Innsbruck, may 10, 2010 – only companies who care enough for the talent in-house, will remain successful in the next few years on the market. As the top companies of the D/A/CH region realize that, in a study of transform Management AG, St. has now Gallen, who has conducted jointly with the Institute for organization and learning of the University of Innsbruck. In 40 percent of all companies in the most important stock market indices DAX30, ATX, and SMI, the HR managers were interviewed. Overall the companies involved combine about 500 billion Euro turnover and employ 1.6 million people. New study the development of a quality benchmark for talent across is management of the largest listed companies in the three countries. So can in the future for any single company in the world whose position individually in the professionalism of the talent management are determined.

As well, industry and country comparisons are possible. For Austria with terrifying results: The entire lower quarter of the worst values on the scale is occupied exclusively by companies from Austria! Apparently there is still substantial backlog demand for professional talent management is. Chairman of the Board, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Graf sums up considering that talents are generally very volatile and can quickly switch between company, then this result should shake up those responsible”.

Banks, consulting companies, as well as the chemical industry most worry about the young and here the Swiss for best results. However, the talent management in the construction industry and in the electrical industry has the least success. It will work closely in the labour market. Already, more personnel to retire as graduates of the universities goes back to. The magic word to the rescue is revealed to promote talent.