Health Insurance for the Disabled

Cheap insurance for disabled, chronically ill and elderly because the range of statutory health insurance funds is limited and these disabled people, sick and infirm chronically offer therefore no sufficient insurance cover, many are legally insured persons looking for a supplementary health insurance or long-term care insurance. Through these supplementary insurance, patients can actually improve their health insurance coverage; However, the problem is that private insurance companies reject patients for which are physical infirmity, mental retardation or mental illness, or require very high charges compared to the general tariff. Most applicants are rejected already, if they have truly answered the health-related issues for application; no later than in the medical health examination often demanded by the funds a refusal and classification as not capable of insurance risk is carried out.” Patients or family members should the search after a suitable supplementary insurance but not give up because this brings many benefits. In contrast to the statutory health insurance provides private health insurance, for example, the possibility of free choice of doctor, using the practitioner services, obtaining high-quality dentistry without restrictions, high coverage for Visual AIDS and global insurance. Medication also no extra payments are necessary and affected no longer need fear to suffer, that required nursing or therapeutic measures are not covered by the cash register or desired or recommended medical devices are not approved. For these reasons should consult appropriate insurance offers everyone who is looking for a supplementary insurance. Find cheap insurance for disability or insurance without health examination at Bernd Dorrie, 27637 Nordholz railway station Street 4.