Eva Folk Reinhardt

The bumpy start of the 750 year celebrations in Steinhagen. Body worlds open the celebrations of the municipality in the District of Gutersloh sandstone by Eva folk Reinhardt. Starts on January 16th, 2008 at 19:00 the exhibition “Fragments of the body” the artist Eva folk Reinhardt in the Town Hall of Steinhagen in the District of Gutersloh. The exhibition Eva folk Reinhardt fragments of the body is the first exhibition in the dance of the celebrations for the 750jahrigen anniversary of community of Steinhagen. The diploma graphic designer Eva folk Reinhardt has commemorated 10 years. Inspired by the art of August Rodin, too harsh, contrasting surfaces that help to concentrate on essentials can be found next to sculpted, worked-out areas. Thoughts, excitement, interiority are singled out. Perfection in opposition to unrestrained roughness, weathering or demolition edges increase so the expression.

15 works will be from 16 January to 29 February 2008 at City Hall in Steinhagen. The opening is Hoffmann of the long-standing partner for art exhibitions, the art agency on behalf of the community Steinhagen designed by an introductory lecture.